How Long Should a Table Runner Be

Dressing your party tables with table runners is an easy way to instantly elevate your table setting. This simple yet high-impact decor piece is a must-have for event planners and decorators. 

Knowing the right length for your table runners is a crucial aspect of decorating your tablescapes. 

Standard Length Guidelines

Glitz Sequin Table Runner - Gold
Satin Table Runner - Emerald Green
Cheesecloth Table Runner 25" x 16ft - Champagne

1.  Table Size

The length of your table runners largely depends on the size of your tables. Here’s a quick guide for rectangular table runners for standard party table sizes.

  • 4 ft of 48-inch tables: table runners with a length of 60 inches to 72 inches work best
  • 6 ft or 72-inch tables: you will need 84-inch to 96-inch long table runners
  • 8 ft or 96-inch tables: the ideal table runner length would be 108 inches to 120 inches

2. Aesthetic Preference

The length of your table runners also depends on the look you want for your party. You’re probably wondering: how long should the drop be on a table runner? The overhang depends on your preference. A shorter overhang fits best for casual parties while a longer overhang goes well with more formal events.

3. Fabric and Material

When determining runner length, also consider the material you’re using. Some runners, like cheesecloth table runners, work best when ruffled across the length of the table instead of laying them flat. This adds texture to your tablescape for a bohemian feel.

For this style, you will want to add extra length to your cheesecloth runners. Use a 10 ft cheesecloth table runner on a 6 ft table for a relaxed bohemian look with some overhang.

Creating Visual Interest

Layering Effect

One way to maximize your table runners for decorating is to layer them. This allows you to add detail to your dinner setting. You can get table runners in varying lengths to add to the layering effect.

Get a layered look with different colored chiffon wedding table runners like rust, sage green, champagne, and ivory. For round tablecloths, you can opt to layer your runners in an X-shaped formation.


Centerpiece Placement

You will also want to consider if you’re using centerpieces so that you can adjust the length of the table runners to accommodate these. Consider adjusting the length of your runners to make way for your centerpiece.

Dine in Style with Stylish Table Runners

Get creative with table runners! Dress your party with the appropriate length of table runners depending on the size of your party tables and the look you want. Another top tip: buy your table runners in bulk and get more savings with wholesale prices.

We’ve gone through the basics and answered your questions on table runner length. So how long should table runners be? You decide based on this quick guide and based on your creativity.

Have a grand time choosing from different fabrics, colors, and design options for your table runners. Pair them with some classic polyester tablecloths and top off with some posh charger plates for a luxurious look.

Achieve a timeless look for your dinner party with this guide and celebrate in style to make lasting memories.

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