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Does Your Rectangular Tablecloth Have Rounded Corners?

Does Your Rectangular Tablecloth Have Rounded Corners pointed rectangular close upDoes Your Rectangular Tablecloth Have Rounded Corners pointed rectangular cornersDoes Your Rectangular Tablecloth Have Rounded Corners pointed corners tucked

Does Your Rectangular Tablecloth Have Rounded Corners oblong corner close upDoes Your Rectangular Tablecloth Have Rounded Corners oblong cornersDoes Your Rectangular Tablecloth Have Rounded Corners oblong tucked corners close up


Rectangular Tablecloths Rounded Corners 


“I ordered a tablecloth for my rectangular table, but the tablecloth that came in the mail has rounded corners and is sort of oval-shaped. Did CV Linens send the wrong tablecloth?”

We often hear concerns similar to this one.

Most customers who purchase tablecloths would expect the shape of their table linen to match the shape of their table. Most of the time, it’s safe to assume that your tablecloth and table will match in shape. As children, one of the first things we learn about shapes is a that a rectangle has four sides, and four pointed corners. When customers who have ordered a new rectangular tablecloth begin inspecting their new item for a rectangle’s signature pointed corners but cannot spy a single one, naturally they will become convinced they were sent a round or oval tablecloth by mistake.


To avoid future confusion, we would like to formally introduce you to the oblong tablecloth!


Believe it or not oblong tablecloths are not only an intentional decision, but the best choice for covering your rectangular tables!

To help you visualize an oblong, picture a rectangle. An oblong is virtually the same shape as a rectangle, only with the corners rounded out. The benefit of an oblong tablecloth’s smooth edges? The rounded corners will fold down cleanly around each other to to fit neatly around the table at a uniform length. In comparison, a traditional, rectangular tablecloth’s corners will hang in bulky sections at the corners of the table.


Can I still use standard, rectangular tablecloths?

Yes! Rectangular tablecloths are still an acceptable option for covering rectangular tables. Oblong tablecloths are simply an improved version of rectangular tablecloths that provide a more polished result of the same design. The decision to use a rectangular tablecloth or oblong tablecloth is a matter of taste and availability.


So oblong tablecloths make everything look nice and even?

Yes. An oblong tablecloth will hug a rectangular table and create a much cleaner, finished look! We carry rectangular oblong tablecloths in Polyester, and Lamour. If you aren’t sold on the look of a sleekly tucked oblong corners, don’t worry we still carry classic rectangular tablecloths in all of our other fabric lines including Satin, Glitz Sequin, Petal Circle Taffeta, and more.


Keep your rectangular tables sophisticated with our oblong shaped linens!


We are always happy to help you to learn more about our products! If there is something you would like to know more about, never hesitate to get in touch with us. You can reach us via email at, or during business hours you may have a LiveChat session with one of our Customer Care Specialists on our website, or by calling (512) 821-1178.

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My banquet table is oblong. It is 4.5’ wide and 8’ 4" long. I’d like a 12" drop, please.

I need a tablecloth

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