How To Hang Ceiling Drapes: A Beginners Guide

Many people might not know that ceiling drapes are a great way to transform any venue space. Drapes can be used for more than just photo backdrops. Drapes can be used to hide anything from unsightly walls to create a backdrop for specialty tables. They can be used to create a cozy feel in your venue or even a VIP lounge area.

What Are Ceiling Drapes, and Why Should You Have Them?

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Ceiling drapes are draping curtains designed to be hung from the ceiling. This type of decoration is often used in event venues, hotel lobbies, and other event spaces. Ceiling drapes can be used to create a variety of looks, from formal and elegant to fun and festive such as wedding ceiling drapes. There are many reasons to consider using ceiling drapes in your event space or business.

Ceiling drapes can help to create a particular atmosphere or mood.  Ceiling drapes help add height to low ceiling venues or fill the space for venues with lower roofs so they don’t look empty. Our ceiling drapes have 4" pockets at both ends of the drape to easily hang them from the ceiling with a ceiling hoop kit or other ceiling drape hardware.

What Fabric is Used for Ceiling Decorations?

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There are a variety of draping fabrics that can be used for ceiling decorations. However, the most popular ceiling draping fabric is a lightweight fabric which makes it easier to be hung. Ceiling draping for weddings that are made from translucent, light, flowy, and airy fabrics create the most beautiful ceiling draping designs.

This is why silk, sheer voile, and chiffon are the best fabrics for DIY ceiling draping ideas. There are a few things to consider when choosing fabric material. The first is the weight of the fabric,  especially when draping large venue ceilings. The second thing to consider is the color of the fabric.  Do you want your drapes to stand out or blend in with the venue? Finally, consider how to hang ceiling drapes. Will you use a ceiling draping kit, or tent, or use the ceiling tiles?

How To Hang Ceiling Drapes?

There are a few ways to hang ceiling drapes, depending on the venue's ceiling and the look you are going for. One of the easiest ways to hang drapes from ceilings is using a ceiling draping hoop kit.

Popular wedding ceiling draping ideas include:

  • Flat ceiling curtains are strung throughout the venue in a straight line.
  • Swagged ceiling draping is often referred to as wave draping since it is frequently arranged in long billowy lines.
  • Crisscross ceiling drapes in opposite directions in a cross pattern.
  • Starburst Ceiling Draping designed with a ceiling coop kit creates a starburst canopy like design.
  • Tent draping is a quick way to add elegance to the tent's interior for an upscale environment. Like in an indoor venue, ceiling draping can also extend to any perimeter draping on the side walls.

Party tent canopies are also useful for adding ceiling draping to an outdoor wedding venue. When using long drapes, they can be hung on the sides of the tent to create a perimeter draping. Perimeter draping is a style of draping that entirely covers walls or divides a room into separate areas.

Indoor perimeter draping can be done with linear pipe and drape sets along the walls of the venue. Perimeter draping is the easiest way to hang drapes at a venue with a finished ceiling.

How to  Hang Drapes From Drop Ceiling Tiles?

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Hanging drapes from drop ceiling tiles is a great way to add a touch of elegance to any room. Depending on the type of ceiling, drapes can be hung from drop ceiling tiles when using hinged ceiling hooks or suspended ceiling grid hooks.

How Much Fabric Do I Need to Drape a Ceiling?

The amount of draping needed will depend on the venue's ceiling size and the draping style. We provide flame-retardant ceiling curtains in lengths of 20 feet, 30 feet, and 40 feet. DIY ceiling drapes can also be made using chiffon, sheer voile, and tulle fabric bolts. You can also choose to mix and match a variety of fabrics for your wedding ceiling drapes.

What Are The Best Ceiling Drape Colors?

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The most widely used ceiling drapes are in white, ivory, or neutral colors, although they can certainly match any event's color scheme. Uplighting is another way to improve white ceiling drapes. In addition, these colors give off a luxurious or sophisticated vibe in the venue; they are pleasing to the eye and go well with other colors.


Ceiling drapes aren't merely pieces of fabric, they're event decor that helps improve the atmosphere of special events. For DIY ceiling draping ideas, the ideal fabrics are silk, sheer voile, and chiffon. The ceiling drapes that are used the most frequently are those in white, ivory, or neutral colors; ceiling draping is not just for weddings. A terrific method to make informal ceiling drape designs incorporates balloons, paper tassels, or colored balloons.

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