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How to Fold and Store Chair Covers After Your Event

How to Fold and Store Chair Covers After Your Event

Achieving an elegant and glamorous event from top to bottom can easily be done by using chair covers. They're a small but important detail that help enhance and complete the look of your event's overall atmosphere. Without the right chair covers, your wedding or party chairs could distract from other beautiful décor elements. Even though they make a big impact chair covers are affordable, easy to use, and can be re-used time and time again. They truly make a great addition to any special event! (If you need help finding the right chair cover make sure to read our article on How to Choose Chair Covers for Your Special Event to help make your event planning a piece of cake!)

Once your party is over you might be left wondering where and how you're going to store your chair covers. Properly cleaning and storing your table linens, drapes, and chair covers is vital so you can get many uses out of them while keeping them in pristine condition. Which is why we've created this helpful guide and step by step video tutorial to help you clean, fold, and store your chair covers!

There are several different ways in which you can fold and store a chair cover, based on the covers style and material. In today’s guide, we'll go over what we have found to be the most effective way to fold chair covers, store them to avoid getting wrinkles, and maintain them in their finest shape for as long as possible. The folding instructions in this tutorial are shown on a polyester banquet chair cover but it works for many cover styles including banquet, standard folding, and LIFETIME folding chair covers in both spandex and polyester material. Let's get started!

How to Easily Fold a Chair Cover

Chair covers can work magic for any type of event by adding color and style to the venue with different types of chairs in a variety styles and sizes to accommodate your event needs. Due to this, the shape of your chair covers may seem odd and difficult to fold but we have some easy tips to help you become a chair cover folding master in no time.

Our first tip for folding your chair covers is to have them cleaned and ironed before folding them to keep them in good clean condition while stored. This will make setting up for your next event a lot easier when your chair covers require minimal prepping to get them ready to use again!


Step 1: Lay down the chair cover on a flat surface, making sure that the part that would cover the seat is facing up and the edges are pulled out to the sides.

Step 2: Grab both corners of the seat cover section and pull them up towards to top of the chair cover until it reaches the seam at the bottom of the chair back and back of the seat. Fix bottom corners, including the base of the cover and make sure they're all aligned straight.

Step 3: Locate the top right corner of your chair seat cover and grab the top and bottom piece of your cover. Make sure to stretch and align your corner and then pull it over towards the middle to meet the other edge of the seat section. This should create a flat edge where your right point used to be.

Step 4: Grab the same fabric you folded towards the middle and fold it back out to your right, folding the fabric over itself then repeat this step on the left side of your chair cover until both your edges have been tucked in neatly.

Step 5: Lastly, take the top part of the chair cover and bring it all the way down, placing it on top of the folded over edges to create a perfect square. (After this step you can choose to fold it in down more to fit your storage space better.) Your chair cover is now folded and ready to store!

How to Store Chair Covers

After you've finished folding your chair covers you're ready to store them until it's time for your next event! Proper storage will certainly save you a lot of time when it comes to organizing and prepping your linens before an event. Here are some essential steps to follow in order to properly store your wedding chair covers!

Cleaning Your Chair Covers

Always make sure all your chair covers are clean before you store them. In fact, it's a good idea to clean or wash them right after your event. You should always avoid storing dirty or wet covers, doing so will cause mold damage or other issues to ruin your linens. Most of our chair covers are machine washable but you should always check the specs section of the chair covers product page on our website or our materials and care page to see how to launder your specific chair covers. 

Removing the Wrinkles From Your Chair Covers

You may think it's counterintuitive and unnecessary to iron your chair covers before storing them because they'll end up with some creases from the folding but ironing or steaming your covers is definitely recommended. Ironing your chair covers before storing them will actually help avoid creasing all over your chair covers and pesky deep set creases. This step actually save you a lot of time later when you're ready to pull out your chair covers for another event!

Ways to Store Your Chair Covers

Storage Bins: After your chair covers are cleaned, ironed, and folded you can store them in storage bins, boxes, drawers, shelving, and more! Opt for storing your linens in a plastic container bin or something similar with a lid for easy access. If you have a lot of wedding linens, besides your chair covers, the wise thing to do is to invest in a special shelf or a closet that’s specially designed for these types of décor elements.

Hangers: If you prefer not to fold your chair covers to much to avoid creasing, you can easily store your covers by hanging them up. You can lightly fold them in half horizontally or vertically to fit the width of your hangers and store them up in a closet. You can use thin metal hangers, open sided hanger, or hangers with clips for this step!

Cardboard Tubes: Another alternative way to store your chair covers without folding them is to roll them up with tubes. This can easily be done using empty cardboard tubes by tightly rolling the fabric around the tube and securing it with an elastic band or ribbon. Once rolled up, they can be stored in any storage area either on it's side or standing up.

Ideal Linen Storage Conditions

No matter how you choose to store your chair covers, you want to make sure your storage space keeps your linens safe from damage. Make sure that your storage area is cool, dry, and preferably properly ventilated. This will help your chair covers and other linens in storage avoid becoming damp which could create mold and mildew that will damage to your linens.

When it comes to storing your linens it can be really helpful to organize them by color, pattern, and chair cover type. Organizing your chair covers by type is definitely a huge help as when they're folded and stored it's hard to tell what chair type your chair fits without unfolding it. Maximize your storage sections by using labels to identify the types of linens, cover types and colors!

Wedding Linen Aftercare

As long as you keep these useful folding and storage tips in mind you can have wrinkle free ready to use linens for your next event in a blink of an eye! The best part is most of these helpful tips can be applied for other event linens such as napkins, tablecloths, overlays, table runners and more.

If you have any lingering questions or you need help finding the ideal linens to help create a magical atmosphere for your special event, feel free to contact us via email at or give us a call at (512-821-1178). We're always happy to help!

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