Everything You Need to Know About Event Draping

Everything You Need to Know About Event Draping

Breathtaking backdrops and ceiling drapes can level up any formal or casual gathering. From wedding receptions to formal galas, drapes accentuate tables and chairs set-up and provide a focal point for the occasion. 

Working with such an amount of linens for a massive amount of space can be daunting, especially for beginners. From custom and pre-made drapes to the types of fabrics for every celebration, to the tools you will need for the set-up, we got you covered on what to do and what not to do for that memorable picture-perfect set-up.


Fabrics for every occasion

CV Linens has a variety of fabrics to choose from, whether you are organizing a fun and upbeat children’s birthday party, bridal party or a glamorous wedding event.

Brial Table with Backdrop Drapping

Poly Premier Fire Retardant

If you are a first-time DIY decorator, you may opt for this versatile fabric for weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. Its matte and opaque color can easily match linens for tables and chairs. It also creates a more subtle backdrop to let your other details be the center of attention.

This fabric is fire-retardant, and can also be used by professional designers for huge gatherings and commercial events, as most wide-spaced venues require the use of fire-retardant fabrics only. 


Glitz sequin

Glitz sequin drapes add the wow factor to your backdrops. These glitz sequin backdrops will catch anyone’s eye.  They are perfect for photo booths/backdrop and festive occasions such as the holidays, weddings, or birthday parties.


Sheer voile

If you are a professional decorator who needs to have a dependable fabric for a variety of occasions, or you are a DIY party planner who wants to make gatherings special on a tight budget, this lightweight, sheer fabric is your go-to for event draping. It is made of cotton, and can be used for a wide array of celebrations, from family gatherings to trade shows and other corporate events. 

This fabric goes well with any of your decorations - balloons, paper lanterns, foil, and even in combination with other linens.



 If you want to make your guests feel like royalty, velvet fabric is the way to go. This slightly heavier, yet solid and elegant fabric has a soft texture, best for more formal gatherings.

It goes well with elaborate florals or a classic candelabra table centerpiece set-up. You may also use valance hangers to accentuate this with a lighter material. CV Linens offers a variety of velvet fabric which you can mix and match for future events.


Four-way stretch spandex

The four-way stretch spandex curtains are a CV Linens bestseller. This stretchable and wrinkle-free fabric can be used for a polished and classy look. This can be used for wedding events, trade shows, and other company events. You may use this in combination with the sheer voile for a layered look.



Chiffon fabric is lightweight and versatile, and its opaque color is perfect for backdrops, as well as ceiling draping. Also called “fluid fabric,”  chiffon fabric is soft and luxurious, but it would work well for casual gatherings and more formal events. CV Linens offer a variety of colors for the chiffon fabric which will suit the theme of every celebration.

White Ceiling Draping Lights
Ceiling Draping
Bridal Table Decoration


Draping fullness and why it should matter


Draping fullness refers to the opacity of your drapes. Essentially, 0% fullness means there are no pleats, and the sheer fabric is just spread evenly across to provide more of a neutral layer against the venue walls. It can soften the edges of your event venue, and it would require less fabric.


Consequently, 50% and 100% refer to partial and full coverage for the backdrop. Draping fullness will depend on the theme of your event, whether it is a formal gala or a casual gathering. 100% draping fullness is often used for formal events or upscale events.  However it is your preference how fullness you like your backdrop to be.  

You may also use our drape fullness calculator to compute how much fabric you need depending on the fullness of the drape and the desired length of backdrop.  Also please check out our video below or article covering how many drape panel you need.


Pipes and bases

CV Linens offers pipe and drape kits to make sure that you have all you need for your backdrop. These backdrop stand kit are the easiest options for anyone who wants to use linens for backdrops as they are durable and easily transported. 

Additionally, while some venues have pre-installed hooks and rods - the same way we use  for our curtains at home, most event venues do not offer such. Thus, whether you are an experienced party planner or a personal events planner, it is a wise decision to invest in these backdrop pipe and drape support stands  as they can be reused over and over for all your occasions.  

 You shouldn’t be worried about how these pipe and drape sets look like, as these will be completely hidden under drapes, balloons, and any other decorations you wish to add.

  1. It should be the appropriate weight.

In CV Linens, we offer both lightweight and heavyweight backdrop stand sets, depending on your needs. If you need to move around and transport your pipe and drapes sets, you may opt for lightweight crossbars, uprights and bases. These can be used for lighter linens for a sheer, airy, feel. 

If you opt for ceiling to floor drapes, with 100% fullness and additional layers using valance hangers, you may use the heavyweight pipe and drapes sets for support. 


2. It should fully cover the desired area.

Whether you opt for 0% fullness or 100% drape fullness, the length of the pipe and drapes should be enough to cover the entire wall or the space that you wish to decorate. Be sure to have measurements of the venue beforehand so you can order additional base, upright, and crossbars for your event if you must.

You can also choose between straight and rounded or curved crossbars. Straight crossbars create a flatter, more widespread coverage of the walls using your linen backdrops. Rounded or curved crossbars can be used as a focal point of the ceremony or stage during weddings and other events. You may also add other decorations such as flower pieces, ribbons, etc. 


3. It should be durable and sturdy.

Nobody wants decorations falling off in the middle of any event. Décor mishaps ruin the mood of any celebration, and we don’t want any of that happening in your special moments. Thus, be sure to have backdrop stands and drapes that are sturdy and durable.

Some linens are much heavier than others, so be sure to check the recommended size and length of base, upright, and crossbars for your chosen fabrics. You should also consider correct sizes of rod pockets for your pipe and drape sets. 

With draping backdrop support stand kit also known from CV Linens, you can be assured of quality without spending too much. Bases are made of steel to keep the entire structure in place, and uprights and crossbars are made of high-quality aluminum that are lightweight yet sturdy and dependable.

Double- draping with valance hangers

Sometimes, a flat backdrop just wouldn’t be enough. If you want your backdrops to stand out and create a more sophisticated feel, you may do double-draping using valence hangers. These are pieces of metal attached to your pipes to layer your drapes.   

 You may use two different linens or use color combinations suited to your theme. Some designers use two different fabrics with different fullness to create softer hues and compliment lighting. You may also tie your drapes using zip ties or add a little sparkle by using rhinestone drape clips, also available in the CV Linens website. 


What to consider in event draping


You must always consider fire-retardant fabrics for your drapes especially if you have any candles in the party. Not only do they prevent accidents from happening, but some venues require that event organizers use only fire retardant drapes. Thus, buying these fabrics will be a good investment as you may use them for multiple occasions such as weddings, birthdays, trade shows, and corporate events.    

 If you are looking for least maintenance and require the least amount of time when setting up, our 4-way stretch spandex is the best choice.  It is a durable, lightweight, and crease-free fabric that can be used both for backdrops and ceiling drapes. They looked polished and sophisticated and would work well for both daytime and nighttime events.  

 If you are looking for a go-to fabric for your backdrops and ceiling drapes, a white sheer voile should be your go-to material as these can be used on their own or in combination with a variety of fabrics. You can also spend less by using reusable LED lights or other decorations to create an accent on your sheer voile. This type of fabric is also flexible for any occasion, from more formal events to casual and chic gatherings.   

 If you are looking for a more classic and elegant feel for your drapes, you may opt for solid neutrals such as gold, black, or ivory velvet fabric. Take note, however, that velvet is a relatively heavier fabric, so you must use appropriate bases, upright, and crossbars to hold it together.    

 Lastly, you must always consider drape length as you do not want it hanging too high above the ground, and especially not dragging on the floor, which may cause accidents. By convention, they should be barely hanging from the ground, around ¼ to ¼ of an inch. CV Linens’ pre-made drapes are just the perfect size for standard venues. But you may always send us a message for custom-made drapes for your special events.     

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