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The Secrets of Event Planning with Tracy of Distinctive Decor Rentals



Tracy Griffin Interview from Distinctive Decor Rentals

Our interview with Tracy Griffin, the mastermind behind Distinctive Decor Rentals, explains the disciplined road less traveled! Whether you’re a seasoned professional or someone new to the wedding and event industry, Ms. Griffin’s advice for running a tight ship while focusing on education and professionalism is not to be missed.

Distinctive Decor Rentals is a premiere event decor rental boutique for the greater Boston area. With a quick look at their work on their Facebook or Instagram accounts it’s easy to understand why! Distinctive Decor Rentals brand of high-end linens, luxury event furniture, and lighting has star quality written all over it. This was no accident; for the last six years owner Tracy Griffin has devoted herself making the business a success.

Without further ado, we are pleased to bring you Tracy Griffin of Distinctive Decor Rentals explaining the challenges and rewards of working in the wedding and event industry!


Good afternoon, Tracy! Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?


 Tracy Griffin: My name is Tracy Griffin and I am the Owner of Distinctive Decor Rentals in Lynn, MA. We provide couture linens, backdrops, paper flowers, crystal centerpieces, and more!


How long have you worked within the wedding and event industry? How did you begin your career?


 TG: I started in 2010 after setting up an event for a relative and loving the outcome. I knew at that moment the wedding and event industry was my calling!


How would you describe your brand of unique decor?


 TG: I love upscale events. I use uplighting to give the “wow” factor. I adore theme events and usually create my own props for my custom sweets tables. I would describe my brand of decor as luxe linens for your celebrity-style events!


How long did it take for you to become an expert of creating amazing decor?


 TG: I’ve been mastering my craft since 2010. The key to my flawless events is I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Also, two years ago I completed a certified training on how to do backdrops and tips for styling sashes and table linens. I hold certifications as an Event Professional and Backdrop Professional.


What tips or tricks do you have for keeping your linens looking great?


TG: Because Distinctive Decor Rentals is boutique linen rental company, we set up and take down the decorations for our clients events. This way I can ensure that all my items look flawless. Also, my linens are always stored in bins.


What themes or trends are your customers are requesting the most this year?


TG: I’ve always been fashion forward and keep up with trends. I added petal linens to my inventory three years ago, however, petal linens are receiving rave reviews in 2016. Yay! Although I’ve been creating paper flowers for about a year, I can’t keep up with the demand for paper flower orders now. Once clients see how I style the linens and paper flowers they are totally amazed!


What are your favorite items from CV Linens for decorating an event?


TG: Glitz Sequin LinensRosette Linens, and Petal Linens.


What is the best part of your job?


TG: The best part of my job is being an Entrepreneur. I started this company, worked hard, stayed focused, and it has been successful.


What is the most difficult part of your job?


TG: The most difficult part of my job is finding the right team members. A lot of people apply to work for Distinctive Decor Rentals with hopes of breaking into the event industry by working for an (established) event company. However, this the wedding and event industry is not for people who are unmotivated or unreliable.


Why should you someone consider hiring a professional decorator for their special event?


TG: I know people may think it’s so easy to just go online, order decor, then set it up themselves. When you are paying a lot of money for a venue, invest in an event professional. There is a world of difference between a professionally decorated venue and do-it-yourself decor.


As a successful businesswoman within the event industry, what advice do you have for an aspiring decorator or event planner?


TG: I am often bombarded with questions from people trying to start businesses. My advice is, read, read, read! Knowledge is power. In order to be successful in anything, you have to read. Also, become familiar with terminology (runner, overlay, chiavari, ghost chair, etc.) If a client asks you if you have these items and you don’t know what they talking about, you may lose that customer.

Another mistake is thinking you will become an overnight success once you have a business card. It doesn’t work like that! Take courses, trainings, and get certified! Clients feel confident working with a trained professional.


Thank you Tracy, and Distinctive Decor Rentals, for granting us this interview! Check out Distinctive Decor Rentals on their websiteFacebook, and Instagram.

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