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Ideas for a Beautiful Wedding Seating Chart

A wedding is a big day for any couple! Although filled with excitement and joy, planning a wedding can also be a lot of stress. Imagine having to come up with the ideal ceremony for your special day. That’s why planning for your great day is essential for everything to go off without a hitch.

If you decide to have many guests and wouldn't want them to be wandering around and have a hard time deciding where to sit, then you might want to consider having a custom wedding seating chart. This will allow you to assign seating at your wedding reception for everyone's convenience. This will ensure that each table will be filled to maximum capacity and that everybody is happy and well-acquainted during your special day!


Do you really need a seating chart for your wedding?

Giving the perfect guest experience includes assigned seating. This can ensure the couples that their guests sit next to the people they will enjoy. Traditionally, it's included in formal events and can add a layer of elegance to your wedding.

Placing cards or using a custom wedding seating chart allows you to personalize each place setting and results in a polished look to your design table. It also creates a little moment of security, and helps energy flow freely in conversation around the table.

What are the best tips in arranging a seating plan?

Now let us introduce some of the popular designs and ideas for wedding seating charts:


1. The Confetti Home Acrylic Seating Chart 

This is a classic look seating chart with a laser-engraved type of design. This will pull off with a set of any of the standard table designs to set up an elegant look for any occasion.

2. Frosted Acrylic Seating Chart 

This is an acrylic type of seating chart that can be sure to attract the eyes of your guests. This utilizes a cool design that, when paired with a sleek tablecloth, will be sure to add a touch of elegance to your party.

3. Woodland Custom Design Calligraphy Acrylic Sign 

These signs are hand-lettered and formatted with horizontal and vertical text. If you decide to go with a custom wedding and have a custom wedding seating chart, this is a good choice to add a cozy touch to your event.

4. Linen and Copper Linen Seating Chart 

When you plan to have a rustic wedding, this seating chart will go well with the theme as it embraces the down-to-earth vibe.

5. Card Hunter Burgundy Floral Wedding Seating Chart

A jewel-toned floral chart, this a good seating chart for floral designs on your special day to match the brides’ bouquet.

6. Gregoria Blue Design Co. Seating chart Cards

Made up of individual seating cards, this design gives a feeling of a classic type of wedding, or a fancy event served with grace.

7. Kimberly Fitz Simons Chic Gala Seating Chart

From a stylish typography to a simple border, this design is best if you're going for a clean look. If a neat palette is the color of your theme, this will suit well.

Wedding seating chart is all set. What's next?


Above all, in finding a perfect custom wedding seating, it is best to decide what theme you would really want on your special day! And what wedding seating plan would be complete without the right tablecloths, chair covers, and chair sashes to match your theme? After setting your wedding seating chart, make sure to book the best linens for your guests.

Decide what shape and size of tables you’ll use that will fit the number of guests and according to whom you’ll choose to sit together. It is also important to pick beautiful designs for the chairs and tables. 

Embellish your tables with sophisticated tablecloths and other table decorations. Wholesale tablecloths will add a touch of elegance on your wedding day, without going over your budget. Lastly, we also recommend adding Chair sashes to add a dash of color. It’ll give you the freedom to add a touch of style tailored to the design style you want to achieve.  

Also, match your tablecloths with elegant chair covers in your wedding set-up to instantly elevate your design. It can also transform an ordinary venue and style into an elegant and beautiful space for the wedding reception and ceremony. 

Whatever theme and custom wedding seating chart you plan to use, CV Linens can provide you with a host of options for your tablecloth, chair covers, chair sashes, and other linen needs. 

If you’re looking for high-quality yet affordable linens for your wedding seating plan, head on over to CV Linens for a wide array of options. We provide generous discounts for quality products that make your special occasion as memorable as it can be. 

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