Little Prince Baby Shower With Blue & Gold Glitz

Little Prince Baby Shower With Blue & Gold Glitz

Royal Blue & Gold Glitz Little Prince Baby Shower

Little Prince Baby Shower

Are you ready to shake up the tradition of pastels and soft fabrics for baby shower decor?

Your decor solution has arrived in the form of the Little Prince Baby Shower theme. This theme brings a fresh take on baby shower with regal colors and bright sequins! The staples of the Little Prince theme are Royal Blue/Navy Blue mixed with Gold linens. This fun look often involves as much Glitz as possible!

A quick sweep through Instagram or Pinterest and you will plainly see this bold blue and gold trend is taking baby showers by storm! 

You can give your little prince his own royal welcome by throwing your own themed Little Prince baby shower

We’ve put together two main areas to focus on for decorating your Little Prince Baby Shower to make planning a breeze.


The simplest place to begin is with the table linens. Whether you’re throwing a backyard get-together or a banquet hall extravaganza, linens set the atmosphere for an event. Keep in mind you don’t have to use overlays or extravagant linens on every table, but you’ll definitely want to dress up your dessert table! The dessert table is the focal point of the event definitely plan to set it off with glitz drapery.

Here are a few of our recommended linen options! These linens are perfect for mixing throughout your event:

• Tablecloths: Royal Blue Polyester Tablecloth
• Table Runners: Gold Glitz Table Runners
• Drapes: Glitz Sequin in Royal / Navy Blue and Gold
• Napkins: Gold Glitz Napkins
• Charger Plates: Gold Beaded Charger Plates


Aside from linens plan for centerpieces and dessert table accent pieces. Your baby shower will also need some signage to pull the look off.. Each tiny detail plays a special part in making your theme a hit.

• Use small crowns or baby boy decor from your local craft store in centerpieces
• Decorate your dessert! We’ve included a free printable below! You can print it, cut it out, then adhere it to toothpicks for a quick DIY
• Purchase letter blocks to spell out your little prince’s name on the dessert table, or use the first letter of his name in centerpieces
• Use some bling, whether it’s gold rhinestone rolls, acrylic crystal items, or glitz sequins


Free DIY Cupcake Topper Printable

We wont leave you hanging! Here’s a preview of our free printable in action:

Little Prince Cupcake DIY Toppers Free Printables

Click Here to Download our Free Printable


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