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Since its debut, our new payette sequin fabric line has been dazzling our customers with it’s selection of items covered in glamorous oversized, sparkling sequins! As with any unique specialty item, we have encountered a fair amount of customer inquiries on about our latest arrival.

To simplify your life, we have become experts in the science of sparkle by consulting with our manufacturer, professional cleaners, and even compiling research in our own studio to bring you our guide to getting the best results from your payette sequin items from CV Linens!

Anatomy and Care of Payette Sequin Fabric

Our Payette Sequin items have the following attributes:

  • Large 1/2″ reflective sequins
  • Sequins secured from a single point at the top to allow for an organic flow
  • Sequins sewn in small groups
  • A see-through mesh backing

The mesh backing is durable but delicate; the weight of immersing a Payette Sequin Item in water or laundering would certainly destroy it. If you must clean Payette Sequins, spot clean with a damp cloth – this is the only cleaning method we recommend. Gently fold or hang Payette Sequin items and store them in a dry place away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

We have one other important distinction to make: Payette sequins are not larger versions of our glitz sequins. Our glitz sequin items feature an opaque taffeta background, the glitz sequins are much smaller and come secured from several points. 


payette sequin

Sparse Patches

Some of our customers have been confused by the appearance of sparse, or “bare” patches in our payette sequin fabric items. This may seem like a mistake, however, the space between groups of sequins is actually a very intentional design decision. Your payette sequin items need the spaces between groups of sequins to wrap around tables or swag elegantly as drapery. Without spaces, the sequins would stack on top of each other and “bend” like tin foil instead of covering like a cloth. If you feel your table needs more coverage, you can further disguise your table by using another tablecloth underneath your payette sequin fabric tablecloth. Be sure the tablecloth is within your color palette as it will show through the mesh backing.

 Arranging Sequins

Due to our packaging process, most of our products require a little extra care to look their best. For some products it can be as simple as ironing, other items can take a little extra finesse. Payette sequins tend to become severely ruffled during transit and storage, luckily it’s a simple fix to create beautiful Payette Sequin magic! Simply use your palm to brush the sequins flat. To achieve a fuller look, place the sequins to the left and right of a sparse patch. Depending on the size of your Payette Sequin fabric item and the desired arrangement of sequins, this process range anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour for larger tablecloths with more intricate sequin arrangements. If you need inspiration photos of how to arrange your payette sequins, our Instagram is filled with a wealth of creations featuring payette sequins!


Payette Sequin Payette Sequin Payette Sequin Payette Sequin

No Dull Sequins

Do your Payette Sequin products look a little lackluster? Before you panic, remember that payette sequins need light to shine! Think of payette sequins like the little mirrors on a disco ball. If a disco ball doesn’t have a light to shine down on it, it’s just mirroring back whatever is in the room. If your payette sequins aren’t shining, add some light to make them shine like diamonds! Have a venue with weak lighting? Don’t fret, we carry an assortment portable, battery operated event lighting for creating sensational sparkle.

 Still have questions about payette sequins? We can help.

Just because we covered all of the frequent questions we hear about our payette sequins does not mean we have heard every question by a long shot! Our Customer Care Specialists are available via telephone, live chat, or email to field any of your technical questions.

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