New: Stripe Glitz & Summer Colors

New: Stripe Glitz & Summer Colors

Turquoise Glitz Sequin Table Runner

While it’s true that summer is quickly approaching its final days and autumn is on the horizon, we still have some colorful updates to snag before we unveil our new fall products! From glitz to polyester, we’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do.


New Arrivals: Striped Glitz Sequin and Summer Colors

Turquoise Glitz Sequin Table RunnerPurple Glitz Sequin Table Runner 


Glitz Stripe Table Runner – Turquoise & Purple

One of our most popular materials has now expanded even further! Previously only available in round and rectangular tablecloths, our Turquoise and Purple Glitz Stripe Table Runner are now available. These two fun, playful colors join the ranks of our classic Gold, Silver, and Black to create quite the line up. Each runner is made of sparkling mini sequin rounds that are hand-stitched into durable taffeta to ensure they last. The mini sequins are closely stitched together and overlap, effectively reducing plain areas for a high-end luxe look without breaking the bank. Pair these Glitz Stripe Table Runner with our fabulous Glitz Tablecloths to have your event truly shine, or Satin Lamour Tablecloths for a chic look to start creating a gorgeous tablescape!



Pool Blue Lamour Satin TableclothsPool Blue Lamour Satin Tablecloths

108” Polyester – Pool Blue

A true summer color, now with more variety! Our Pool Blue now comes in a 108” Round Polyester Tablecloth, in addition to the 90” and 120” Round Tablecloths we previously offered. Made from our thick, 100% tough polyester, our tablecloths are a durable material that is easy to maintain. Additionally, it is a naturally flame retardant fabric, so you can rest assured that the area you have it in is safe. 108” on a 60 inch table will give you a sneak peek at underneath the table, so be sure to place an accent tablecloth underneath to make your décor look perfectly put together! Make this color boldly stand out by pairing it with other fun summer colors, such as Fuchsia, Yellow, Orange, and Purple. Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest Inspiration board to get the décor and color scheme ideas going!


Taffeta Table Overlay Topper 54x54 Square Aqua Blue Taffeta Table Overlay Topper 54x54 Square Gold Taffeta Table Overlay Topper 54x54 Square Purple

Taffeta 54” & 72" Square Table Overlays

The same taffeta overlays you know and love, now with a few colors additions and a brand new size available! We’ve added onto our selection of 72”7x72” Taffeta Overlays with Aqua Blue, Royal Blue, and Silver to ensure a variety of color palettes can be used. In our brand new line, 54”x54” Taffeta Overlays, we currently carry Baby Blue, Champagne, Gold, Pink, Purple, Silver, Turquoise, and White! Taffeta is a high-end fabric that is lightweight and has a gorgeous texture that provides a soft sheen throughout your venue; candle and soft light reflect well on taffeta to create the perfect ambiance for your special day. Dress these overlays up for a chic black and white affair or dress them down for a charming, rustic event! 

Keep an eye out for our New Arrival update next week as we’ll start showing off our items that are perfect for autumn décor!

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