Polyester 90" Round Tablecloth

Buying Polyester Round Tablecloths: What you Need to Know

Tablecloths are a must-have at every party. It can instantly spruce up any event or put a dash of color into your occasion. They give old tables a new look in an instant and set the tone of any event design. Plus, it protects dining tables from any further damage. Whether for practical use or for design, tablecloths are a must-have at every party. Here at CV Linens, we offer 90 inch Round Polyester Tablecloths that are perfect for your party needs! 

Planning to get a 90 Inch Polyester Round Tablecloth? Here’s what you need to know about polyester

Polyester tablecloths are a staple at many party events. They're so common it begs the question: are polyester tablecloths any good? Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is used by a lot of table linen companies. This synthetic fiber is fairly durable and easy to clean and maintain. Due to these properties, polyester is a popular fabric for tablecloth use.

CV Linens offers quality polyester tablecloths at very affordable prices. One of our more popular tablecloths are 90 In Round Tablecloths. These are perfect for dinner parties or casual get-togethers and easy to wash for the next event. 

Tablecloth Sizes: Will a 90 Inch Tablecloth be long enough?

A common question every event organizer or personal party planner asks is this: what size tablecloth will fit my table? Ideal table cloth size depends on the size, length or diameter, and height of your table.

How do we measure tables for the right tablecloth size? First, determine if you will use round or rectangular event tables. For rectangular tables measure the entire length and width of the table from end to end.

If you have a round table, find the center of the table and measure from edge to edge, this is the diameter. Then measure the table height and multiply by 2 to determine the ideal drop length.

Drop length: How many inches should my tablecloth hang over?

Drop length refers to the length of the tablecloth that hangs over the side of your table. There are various drop lengths of table cloths that can add to the overall look of your event, depending on the style you're going for.

For casual events, lap length or 1/2 table drop is standard. The drop length of tablecloths usually ranges from 8 to 15 inches from the edge of the table. For formal events, this length is either 15 inches or a floor length that touches the floor. You can adjust the length of your table cloth to suit the overall design you want to achieve. 

The Perfect Tablecloths for your Special Occasions

Choosing the perfect tablecloth and measuring and computing sizes can be quite overwhelming. Fortunately, you can use our online linen sizing chart and online calculator. It'll help you calculate the ideal size of your tablecloth and linens.

For example, if you have a 30 inch round table with a 30 inch height. You input these measurements into the calculator and voila! The ideal size would be a 90 inch round tablecloth. This size will allow the tablecloth to touch the floor for a classy and elegant look. And if you're looking for 90 Inch Round Tablecloth Bulk or wholesale, CV Linens is the right place for you.

CV Linens carries a wide variety of table cloths made out of different materials. These come in different sizes and colors, and in a broad array of designs for you to choose from. Whatever design you might be aiming for in your party, we can assure you that we provide high quality and cheap tablecloths, just like our 90 Inch Polyester Tablecloth.

We also offer assorted sales and discounts and on-time shipping to meet your event needs. Feel free to browse through our website and blog for creative design ideas to add some pomp to your party. You can also look through the CV Linens YouTube channel for DIY tutorials or our Pinterest and Instagram for party design inspiration.

Whether you're preparing for a simple but polished wedding event or an opulent dinner party, CV Linens can provide your tablecloths, table runners, and other linen needs to make your special moments more memorable.

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