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Looking for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Decor

red satin tablecloth Valentine's Day decor

Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year, calls for special celebrations filled with love and affection. To create an enchanting atmosphere and express your deepest emotions, consider transforming your space into a haven of romance with carefully curated Valentine's Day decor ideas. 

With red and white being the primary colors of this occasion, decorate your home with these shades and have a romantic treat for your partners and loved ones.

Surprise your loved ones in your life by throwing them an extravagant dinner or dessert! Complete the feel of the room by dressing up and decorating your space with the appropriate colors.

Valentines Mock FTD

CV Linens Experts’ Suggestion: Satin and Damask Cocktail Table

We’ve put together a romantic Red Satin and Black and White Damask cocktail table to help inspire your creative ideas and some cute Valentine's designs for the day. This exquisite pairing not only serves as a canvas for creative ideas, but also aligns perfectly with the latest trends in Valentine's Day home decor. The luxurious sheen of the red satin adds opulence to your space, creating a warm and inviting ambiance for your romantic event.

Our Red Satin and Black and White Damask combination is not only visually striking, but also caters to those seeking modern Valentine's Day decor. The intricate Damask pattern, combined with the bold red hue, provides a sophisticated setting that effortlessly complements contemporary aesthetics. Moreover, for those looking for affordable options, our suggestion aligns with cheap Valentine's Day decorations, ensuring that you can create a stunning atmosphere without breaking the bank.

Explore various possibilities to customize your Valentine's Day decor, incorporating elements like subtle candlelight, delicate floral arrangements, and charming table accents. The glossy surface of the satin not only enhances the vibrant color, but also reflects light, adding a subtle glow to the surroundings. With our Red Satin and Black and White Damask cocktail table, you can effortlessly achieve a stylish and romantic ambiance, perfectly suited for the day of love. Take advantage of our Valentine's decor clearance to make your celebration truly special.

How Difficult Is This Set Up?

Difficulty: ★★

With a little bit of dedication and enough set-up time, anyone can put together this beautiful look! The hardest part is getting the swag just right, while the rest of the set up is a breeze.

How Much Time & Money Does This Look Require?

Set Up Time: Approx. 40-50 Minutes

Cost: Approx. $189 for one table including backdrop/Approx. $100 without a backdrop

What Will I Need?

In addition to what can be seen in the photo, you’ll also need:

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Why Not Substitute?

If traditional bright red is just a little much for your tastes, worry not! You can get the same striking look with a softer touch by simply substituting red for apple red! Apple red has that traditional Valentine’s Day look only with a more subtle twist. Best of all, reds are such a classic decor color you will definitely have the opportunity for repeat usage on whichever items you choose.

Get Everything You Need for Your Valentine’s Day Celebration

This set-up complements well with our red spandex chair sash band and red spandex chair covers. You may also use our 120 white polyester round tablecloths if you want a different look. The post Looking for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Decor? appeared first on CV Linens Design Blog.

Check out our Pinterest for more Valentine’s Day decor inspiration to pull together your final look.

Create a Valentine's Day Centerpiece

flower centerpiece
valentine centerpiece

A centerpiece is a focal point of any table setting, and creating a centerpiece can add a romantic and festive touch to your dining experience. Elevate your Valentine's Day table decorations with a captivating centerpiece, as it serves as the focal point, adding a touch of romance and festivity to your dining experience. When decorating for Valentine's Day, consider incorporating romantic decorating ideas for Valentine's Day into your centerpiece design. 

Engage your creativity by blending elements like fragrant flowers, candles, and thematic ornaments that resonate with the spirit of love. This personalized touch not only enhances the visual appeal of your dining space, but also creates a warm and intimate atmosphere for you and your loved ones.

Extend the ambiance of love beyond the dining table by exploring Valentine's Day door decor and Valentine's Day outdoor decorations. Embrace the season of love by adorning your home with heartwarming details that celebrate the occasion. Additionally, you can infuse romantic elements into your living spaces with Valentine's Day room decor, ensuring that every corner of your home exudes warmth and affection. 

Whether it's subtle table decorations or charming door embellishments, incorporating Valentine's Day tree decorations, and other thematic elements adds a delightful touch to your surroundings, making the celebration truly unforgettable.

Materials you'll need:

  • A shallow container
  • Floral foam or oasis
  • Fresh flowers 
  • Foliage
  • Floral shears
  • Heart-shaped picks, ribbons, or faux pearls (Optional)


  1. Start by selecting a shallow container. Make sure it is watertight if you plan to add fresh flowers directly to it.
  2. Soak in water until it's fully saturated. Place the foam into the container, ensuring it fits securely and doesn't protrude over the edges.
  3. Trim the stems of your fresh flowers at an angle using floral shears or scissors. Cut them to different lengths.
  4. Insert the flower stems into the floral foam, starting from the center and working your way outwards.
  5. Fill in any gaps between the flowers with foliage or greenery to add volume. Trim the foliage stems to the desired length.
  6. Add decorative elements such as heart-shaped picks, ribbons, or faux pearls to enhance the Valentine’s Day DIY decorations. Place them strategically among the flowers and foliage.
  7. Carefully water the floral foam to keep the flowers fresh and you’re done.

How do you tastefully decorate for Valentine's day at home?

1. Red Color Decorating Ideas

white and red candles

CV Linens offer the best quality linens for all occasions. Incorporate the classic Valentine's Day colors of red, pink, and white into your decor. Use these colors in your curtains, throw pillows, table linens, and rugs. Consider adding heart-shaped accents or prints to further enhance the theme.

You can mix and match our red oblong tablecloths with a variety of complementary accessories to create a vibrant and stylish dining experience. Whether pairing them with elegant dinnerware or rustic centerpieces, our red oblong tablecloths effortlessly enhance the aesthetic of any occasion.

When to decorate for Valentine's day?

To create a warm and romantic atmosphere, start decorating for Valentine's Day a week or two before the celebration. Begin indoors by incorporating red and white elements into your living spaces, such as throw pillows, candles, and subtle wall art. 

For the exterior, add heart-shaped wreaths or garlands to doors and windows. As the day approaches, extend the decor to the outdoor space with pathway lights or themed garden ornaments. 

2. Create a Romantic Tablescape

valentine's day table set

If you're planning a special Valentine's Day dinner, focus on creating a romantic tablescape. Use romantic colors such as deep red or soft pink highlighted with black, white, or gold.

You can also choose from our collection of wholesale linen napkins to complete your table setup.

Use elegant dinnerware and glassware, and consider adding decorative elements such as heart-shaped place cards, rose petals, or scented candles.

Adding a centerpiece, just like what we have shown above are great Valentine’s Day dinner table decoration ideas you can use for V-day.

If you’re planning for a bigger celebration, transforming your space for a lively Valentine's Day party involves infusing festive elements throughout. Start with a vibrant color scheme of red, pink, and white for decorations. Hang heart-shaped garlands, streamers, or banners across walls. 

Set up a dedicated photo booth with love-themed props for guests to capture memorable moments. Spread the love with heart-shaped balloons and table centerpieces. Enhance the party atmosphere with thematic tablecloths, napkins, and plates. 

3. Heart Decoration Wall Art

heart wall art

Add a touch of romance to your walls with love-inspired artwork. Choose pieces that evoke feelings of love and affection, such as paintings of couples, romantic quotes, or abstract pieces in shades of red and pink. 

Hang them in prominent places in your home, such as the living room or bedroom, to create a visually captivating focal point. While this white lace table overlay is perfect for your table setting, you can also repurpose this as a wall backdrop. This will create a stunning complementary design to your Valentine’s-inspired wall decor.

What are some creative ways to decorate for a Valentine's Day dinner party?

For an intimate Valentine's Day dinner party, focus on creating a romantic tablescape. Set the mood with dim lighting, using candles or fairy lights to add a soft glow. Incorporate elegant dinnerware and glassware, complemented by heart-shaped place cards and scattered rose petals. 

Consider a centerpiece arrangement with fragrant flowers and thematic ornaments, mirroring the love-filled ambiance. Personalize the experience by playing soft romantic music and placing thoughtful, handwritten notes on each table setting. 

4. Bedroom Valentine Decoration

bedroom valentine decor

Incorporate heart-shaped accents and decorations throughout your space. Hang heart-shaped garlands or string lights on walls or across windows. Place heart-shaped throw pillows on sofas or beds, and add heart-shaped candles to create a warm and intimate ambiance.

Add more touch of romance to your room by using our sheer white curtains to set the mood for hearts day.

5. Set the Mood with Lighting

romantic candle light dinner

When decorating for Valentine’s Day, you have to consider lighting. It is essential for creating a romantic atmosphere. Use soft, warm lighting by dimming the overhead lights and incorporating candles.

Place scented candles on tabletops, shelves, or mantels to add a soothing fragrance and a gentle glow. Consider using candle holders in different shapes and sizes for an elegant touch. Use a simple and classic white rectangle tablecloth to accentuate the overall mood of your decor.

For a Valentine’s Day outdoor decoration idea, incorporating mood lights in your garden and a touch of candlelight on your table can make a whole world of difference.

Remember, the key to stunning Valentine’s Day decor ideas is to let your creativity flow and personalize it to suit your taste and style. Enjoy the process of crafting a beautiful arrangement that captures the essence of love and romance.

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