Valentine’s Day Table Decor

Looking for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Decor?

Valentines Mock FTDred satin tablecloth Valentine's Day decor

Romantic Valentine’s Day Decor

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and compared to larger holidays it can sometimes fall by the wayside. Surprise the loved ones in your life by throwing them an extravagant dinner or dessert! We’ve put together a romantic Red Satin and Black and White Damask cocktail table to help inspire your creative ideas for the day.

How Difficult is this Set Up?

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆

With a little bit of dedication and enough set up time, anyone can put together this beautiful look! The hardest part is getting the swag just right, while the rest of the set up is a breeze.

How Much Time & Money Does This Look Require?

Set Up Time: Approx. 40-50 Minutes
Cost: Approx. $189 for one table including backdrop/Approx. $100 without backdrop

What Will I Need?

In addition to what can be seen in the photo, you’ll also need:

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Why Not Substitute?

If traditional bright red is just a little much for your tastes, worry not! You can get the same striking look with a softer touch by simply substituting red for apple red! Apple red has that traditional Valentine’s Day look only with a more subtle twist. Best of all, reds are such a classic decor color you will definitely have the opportunity for repeat usage on whichever items you choose.

Get Everything You Need for Your Valentine’s Day Celebration

What do you think of this bold Valentine’s Day decor look? It’s one of my favorite specialty cocktail tables to date! Check out our Pinterest for more Valentine’s Day decor inspiration to pull together your final look.

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