Behind the Design: Large Rosette Table Trim

Apple Red Rosette Table Trim

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Large Rosette Table Trim Design

Creativity in the event industry is about leading by design. At CV Linens, we’re passionate about creating the most innovative and accessible linens. We believe everyone has the opportunity to create breathtaking events! The newest addition to our luxury linen selection is unique because not only is it a new fabric design, but it’s also an entirely new product line. Our Large Rosette Table Trim selection will have your work standing out and leave your guests in awe!

The Design

Table trims are a new frontier for the wholesale event linen industry. They bring an upscale sophistication that hasn’t previously been offered or widely accessible. Table Trims attach to a table in the same way a table skirt does. Combine table clips with the 1” velcro strip on the back side of the linen and you’ll be set up in minutes!

We love table trims for a few reasons. Most noteworthy, using a table trim only takes up around one-third of the side of your table. Due to so much free room you’re free to feature your favorite tablecloth underneath without committing to a full table skirt. Additionally, another great advantage of table trims is that they feature a bold statement design that will enhance your space for small price.

Our Large Rosette pattern is inspired by blooming floral fields. Combining whimsy and romance, it creates the perfect blooming accent for almost any event. Since the release of our Large Rosette Tablecloths, we’ve mainly seen customers feature this striking fabric design on cake tables and sweetheart tables.

The Materials

We pride our products on being synonymous with quality. As a result, and as with all of our products, great time and attention to detail goes into creating each table trim. Each Large Rosette Flower Table Trim is carefully constructed from a durable lamour satin base. The large, blooming satin rosettes lining the mid-section of the table trim are made of standard satin. Each three-dimensional rosette is carefully sewn from layers of our quality satin to ensure they will last through numerous events.

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