How to Use a Table Runner

Looking to level up your dining table look without spending more on impractical decorations? Table runners are a great way to elevate your dining experience. Allow this simple yet versatile decor piece to add detail and texture to your tablescape.

In this blog, we run through the basics of how to use table runners, especially on round and oval party tables. Plus, we’ve got some top tips on using table runners to turn your dining experience into a moment to remember.

Traditional Table Setting

traditional table set

Table runners are typically used as decorative pieces laid center along the length of a table with an overhang of at least 6 inches on each end. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, it also helps to protect tables from spills, stains, or heat damage. 

Runners are a great way to decorate dining tables and dinner banquets. They add color, texture, and style to help your tables tie into your theme.

Table runners can be used on different types of tables. Use them to dress your dining tables, patio tables, or coffee tables. They can be used alone or as a layer on top of tablecloths.

How to Use a Table Runner on a Round Table

Placemats are a great way to decorate your dining tables and protect them from spillage and stains. When used with table runners well, you can elevate your dining experience even further. Coordinate your table runners and placemats to get a stunning tablescape.

The simplest option is to place your table runner across the length of your table and add matching placemats along each side.

You can get matching or complementary table runners and placemats. If you’re going for a modern look, you can opt for table runners with simple neutral-color runners and placemats. Meanwhile, if you’re throwing a casual party, you can opt for more elaborate patterns and brighter colors.

Another option Is to position your table runners in an X placement on round tables. Position your placemats on top of or in between your table runners. This is good for formal parties with a large number of guests.

One other way to consider is to place multiple table runners along the width of your table. This way you can create a “placemat for two” with each single table runner. You have the option of layering a placemat on top of the runner for added detail.

How to Use a Table Runner on an Oval Table

Using a table runner for oval tables is straightforward. Place your table runners at the center of the table and lay them along its whole length, making sure its edges hang evenly. Also, make sure to measure the length of your tables to get the right table runner for oval tables.

Another option is to use oval table runners that have rounded edges, suitable for the oval shape of your table. These usually do not extend past the edges of the table. You can pair these with a stunning centerpiece decor along with round placemats. Finding a large decor item is important in styling oval tables. This way your large oval tables won’t look too bare.

Special Considerations

1. Table Runner Size

Make sure you get the right table runner size by remembering some basic measurements for table runners. For its length, table runners measure the length of your rectangle tables and add 6-12 inches.

For round tables, measure the diameter and add 6-12 inches. As for the width, table runners usually have a width that’s one-third of the width of your table. The standard size for table runners measures from 12-18 inches. 

2. Seasonal Themes

Consider the theme that your party is having when choosing table runners. Switch up your table runners to reflect seasonal themes or holidays. You can go for foliage and floral-inspired table runners for spring, earth-colored table runners for autumn, bright and light-colored runners during summer, and cozy, warm-colored table runners for winter.

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Enhance your Dining Experience with Table Runners

Table runners are a simple but stunning decor piece that can instantly elevate any dining setup. We’ve gone through the basics of how to use table runners. 

From simple setup and getting the right measurements to decorating ideas, you’re all set to style your tables. Get your table runners in bulk for more savings with wholesale prices.

Dress up your dining experience with stunning table runners in different colors, fabrics, and designs. Create magical dining moments with loved ones to cherish for a lifetime.

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