The Difference Between Glitz & Payette Sequins

The Difference Between Glitz & Payette Sequins

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If there is one thing you should know about CV Linens, it’s that we take sparkle seriously!

We have built our reputation on providing customers with the highest quality sequin products on the market. We expanded our Sequin Line last year by adding one of the trendiest linens of the event industry, large Payette Sequin linens! Every twinkle and shimmer we offer has been designed with your unique needs in mind.

With that said, we have had questions about the differences between our classic glitz sequins and our new payette sequins. (If you have questions about Payette Sequins, check out our Payette Sequin 101 post!)

While you can expect the same quality and stunning results from both of our sequined linens, a common misconception is that Payette Sequin Products are a larger version of our Glitz Sequin Products, which they’re not. The differences between Payette’s large, reflective sequins and Glitz’s tiny, twinkling sequins are actually pretty huge!

A quick read through this post will explain these products may share the same family tree, however these sequins may be better described as cousins than sisters.

Let’s explore the difference between these two shining beauties so we can help you find the best sequin for your event planning needs!


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Glitz Sequins vs. Payette Sequins


• Glitz Sequins are shaped like small circular shape with a hole in the center.
• Payette Sequins are disc shaped.

The shape of the sequins are not only part of creating a pretty design decision, shape plays a crucial part what keeps these gorgeous items together. But we’ll explain that a little later.



• Glitz Sequins are 1/4” round
• Payette Sequins are nearly 3/4” round, or almost triple the size of Glitz Sequins!

Think of Payette Sequins as larger mirrors like a disco ball, while Glitz Sequins can be described as a sea of glitter!


Attachment Points

• The hole at the center of Glitz Sequins allow Glitz Sequins to be attached through several points.
• Payette Sequins have a hole at the top which allow them to have an organic flow.

Glitz Sequins can be sewn through any point of the hole in the center to secure the sequin to the background. Payette Sequins are not tacked down from several points. Payette Sequins are only sewn from the very top of the disc so they can dangle from the fabric background freely!



• Glitz Sequins are colorful to match their backing and able to coordinate with the color themes.
• Payette Sequins are strictly metallic and need a light source to shine.

Glitz Sequins may shine but metallic Payette Sequins are essentially small mirrors! Glitz Sequins are colorful to match the bright, array of colors we carry.



• Glitz Sequins products feature a Taffeta backing to match the sequins.
• Payette Sequin products feature a see-through Mesh backing for a more flowing result!

Taffeta has the subtle shine and durability for bearing the weight of the sequins and stitching of Glitz Sequins. Payette Sequins are sewn onto the less durable Mesh backing, perfect for holding just the well-spaced stitch or two it takes to secure Payette Sequins.


Distance Between Sequins

• Glitz Sequins are closely sewn across the taffeta background for maximum coverage.
• Payette Sequins are sewn into clusters to make the fabric move without weighing it down.

Remember, Glitz Sequins create a sea of glitter while Payette Sequins need room to move, making clustering the way to go!


Which sequin is your style?

Now you know everything there is to know about the differences between Glitz Sequins and Payette Sequins! You have been armed with all of the knowledge to make an informed decision about which sequined item is your best bet for your special event. You can expect our signature quality from all of our products and amazing sequined sparkle to make your day shine! What will you choose for your special day?

Are you looking for mirrored, disco ball like, large, glamourous Payette Sequins? Will you decorate a your event with a glittering sea of Glitz Sequins?

We know it’s hard to choose one sequin over the other, thankfully you don’t have to! You can always follow our Instagram to learn how to combine sequins for your special day.

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