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Interview with Boston Event Company Cruzan Affair

Boston Event Company Cruzan Affair

Introducing Boston Event Company Cruzan Affair

Sometimes a single event can alter the course of your life. Sister team Candise Cooke & Carlyn Bideau of Boston event company Cruzan Affair know this better than anyone. Carlyn’s disastrous wedding nearly 20 years ago inspired she and Candise to start a revolution in custom event planning. The duo has been an unstoppable force, racking up awards for decor design, and taking the event planning industry by storm! (Check out Cruzan Affair’s award winning designs on Instagram or Facebook.)

Our interview with Cruzan Affair is packed with business savvy tips, interesting anecdotes, and reasons why two heads are better than one!


Our Interview with Candise & Carlyn of Cruzan Affair 

CV LINENS: Hi Candise and Carlyn! Could you please introduce yourselves to our readers?

CRUZAN AFFAIR: Our names are Carlyn Bideau and Candise Cooke. We own and operate Cruzan Affair, LLC in Boston, Massachusetts. We are sisters from the Island of St. Croix, creating special events with a little bit of island flare! We describe our events as “When the heart meets the eyes,” because we bring our client’s special day to life.

Our business is called Cruzan Affair which combines Cruzan (people born and raised on the island of St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands) with Affair, meaning special event. Cruzan Affair serves Rhode Island, New Jersey, Atlanta, and St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands by providing linens, ceiling draping, backdrops, floral and crystal centerpieces, and much more!


CV LINENS: How did Cruzan Affair begin?

CRUZAN AFFAIR: Cruzan Affair, LLC formally opened in 2010. We started our Boston event company based on the value of creating customized weddings to accommodate a bride’s unique personality and style.


CV LINENS: What lead you to the special event industry?

CRUZAN AFFAIR: When Carlyn got married 18 years ago, she hired an event planner in hopes of capturing the wedding of her dreams. Lo and behold…the event planner failed miserably! Carlyn’s wedding did not have ceremony decorations or flowers in the church. There wasn’t any reception decor – not even table linens. Carlyn’s failed wedding decor prompted her to join the wedding and event planning industry.

As the older sister, Carlyn basically introduced me (Candise) to the event planning business 10 years ago. During the course of the 10 years, we have grown as business partners. We understand each other’s challenges, and strengths. People ask all the time if we (as sisters operating a business together) ever argue. The answer is yes! We bump heads all the time, but that is what makes us a strong team. Being in a partnership with freedom to agree and disagree is very beneficial to our company. The one thing we always agree on is exceeding expectations!


CV LINENS: What is your favorite type of event to decorate?

CRUZAN AFFAIR: At Cruzan Affair, LLC we love weddings! We love bringing the bride’s vision to life. We are accredited event designers specializing in ceiling drapings, backdrops, and table designs for both the wedding ceremony and reception.


CV LINENS: As a Boston event company with lots of competition, how does Cruzan Affair set itself apart?

CRUZAN AFFAIR: We aren’t your typical wedding and event planners! Cruzan Affair’s signature is creating memories to last a lifetime, one event at a time. Creativity is our lifeline and creating a client’s vision is our passion!


CV LINENS: What do you think has been the key to Cruzan Affairs success?


Thus far our keys to success have been:
• Dedication
• Passion
• Time management
• Keeping up with the industry trends and demands
• Focus
• Networking
• Most importantly – listening so we can execute our client’s vision!


CV LINENS: What is your favorite event Cruzan Affair has ever decorated?

CRUZAN AFFAIR: It’s been a fun year for planning and decorating weddings and events! We created a beautiful “Keys to a Happy Marriage” themed vow renewal. We decorated a gorgeous plum and gold wedding, a destination wedding in St. Croix, and a 50th birthday masquerade party – just to name a few!


CV LINENS: Why does Cruzan Affair choose CV Linens?

CRUZAN AFFAIR: We love shopping at CV Linens because of the quality and specialty linens! CV Linens has a large quantity to choose from and the prices are reasonable. We appreciate the fact that CV Linens keeps up with trends in the wedding industry!


CV LINENS: What are our favorite items from CV linens?
CRUZAN AFFAIR: Our favorite items from CV Linens are the glitz sequin line, Crinkle Taffeta Tablecloths, Ruched Spandex Chair Covers, and chair bands.


CV LINENS: What trends do you see emerging in party decor?

CRUZAN AFFAIR: The trends we see clients requesting are glitz sequins, and rosette tablecloths, and the glitz sequin backdrops.


CV LINENS: Do you have any tips for aspiring event planners?

CRUZAN AFFAIR: Yes, we do!
                      • Believe in yourself and your brand
                      • Be honest to clients
                      • Know your limits
                      • Network with other event planners
                      • Know your product
                      • Work Hard
                      • Do your research
                      • Most all – be true to yourself!


CV LINENS: Anything else you would like to share?

CRUZAN AFFAIR: Cruzan Affair won the 2016 Wedding Industry Experts Award. We have ranked 1st as an Boston event company, and we won the Best Tabletop competition at the 2014 St. Croix Caribbean Wedding Expo. Cruzan Affair is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau!


Thank you Carlyn & Candise!

The event planning industry is lucky to have you!

We hope you are as inspired by Boston event company Cruzan Affair’s interview! For more information on how to book Cruzan Affair to style your event, get in touch by visiting their website. You can see more of Cruzan Affair’s work on Instagram or Facebook.

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