Lamour Make the Perfect Wholesale Linens!

Lamour Make the Perfect Wholesale Linens!

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Wholesale Lamour Satin Linens

Our customers begged for more wholesale linens in Lamour Satin, and we are pleased to deliver! It’s easy to understand why when you take a look at our Lamour Satin’s gorgeous subtle texture. We’ve made it easier than ever to coordinate your decor with Lamour Satin. We are pleased to announce fifteen new colors of Lamour Satin! Our Square Table Overlays are perfect for adding a touch of color to any occassion. From wedding decor to baby showers or even everyday use, Lamour Satin is a great utility linen. Because of this, we have added even more color choices for to our line of Lamour Satin table overlays!


Guide to Overlay Tablecloth Drops

The drop of an overlay or tablecloth refers to how far the linens  will hang over the edge of the table. We have three different sized wholesale linens in table overlays to accommodate any desired drop.

• A 54” Table Overlay will hang slightly over the edge of table.
• A 72” Table Overlay will hang half way between the edge of the table top and the floor.
• A 90” Table Overlay will fall approximately 3/4 of the way between the tabletop and the floor.

You can find Lamour Satin Overlays in 54″ Lamour Satin Overlays, and 72″ Lamour Satin Overlays. Lamour Satin Overlays are a fantastic choice as wholesale linens for your special occassion! Try layering Lamour Satin with our Sheer Organza overlays, or coordinate with Table Runners to take your decor to the next level!


Stock Up on Lamour Satin

You can find CV Linens 54″ Tablecloth Overlays in various colors such as: Apple Red, Black, Blush, Champagne, Coral, Mint Green, Navy, Pastel Pink, Peach, Plum, Silver, Turquoise, Victorian Lilac, and White. More colors can also be found than the ones listed.


CV Linens 72″ Overlays are also available in various colors such as: Apple Red, Black, Blush, Champagne, Coral, Gold, Ivory, Mint Green, Navy Blue, Pastel PinkPeach, Royal Blue, Turquoise, and Victorian Lilac to name a few. More colors can also be found than the ones listed.


Which Lamour Satin Item is Your Favorite?

We hope you are as crazy about our new additions to our Lamour Satin line as we are! What colors would you add to our Lamour Satin Line? Let us know in the comments, you never know which of your linen wishes will come true!


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