What Is Economy Polyester and Is It Right For You?

Whether you are planning to host a formal dinner or a casual lunch at home, your table setting will not only catch the attention of your guests, but also enhance the atmosphere of the get-together. 

If you have a specific theme or color combination for the event, creating a lovely tablescape will also complement the rest of your decorations. The table setting decor will depend on the type of event you are planning, the number of guests you wish to have, and even the food being served.

There are a wide variety of table linens for different occasions, depending on your style and budget. But, if you are looking for affordable, yet versatile tablecloths that will work well with a variety of events, you should consider using economy polyester tablecloths. 

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What is economy polyester linen?

Economy polyester is a lightweight and easy to clean fabric made from 100% polyester, a durable and widely-used synthetic fiber.  Economy line polyester linens are versatile, yet affordable and because they are made from synthetic fibers that are spun and woven to simulate a cotton or linen feel, they can be used for formal events or casual gatherings. Best of all they are easy to maintain and are available in a variety of options such as tablecloths, toppers, and chair covers. 

Whether you are looking for inexpensive wedding table linens or looking to stay within a party budget, you can place a bulk order with CV Linens and save!

How is it different from polyester?

The difference between economy polyester and standard polyester linens offered at CV Linens is based on their fabric GSM or also known as grams per square meter.  Economy polyester linens are slightly thinner with an approximate 125-130 gsm thickness than standard premium polyester linens that are approximately 200 GSM in thickness. 

 Although relatively thinner and lighter than the premium polyester fabrics, they are not scratchy, and they don’t have a plastic feel to the touch. These polyester table linens will be the perfect fit for your event because these no-frills table linens are affordable, easy to use, and great for occasional get-togethers!

Is polyester good for tablecloth? 

Polyester linens are perfect for tablecloths. They are affordable, easy-to-use, and easy to clean and store for your next use. Polyester linens are a basic must-have for every event stylist. It is dependable, versatile, and perfect for  variety of occasions. It is a go-to tablecloth, much like how every woman should have a trustworthy black dress in her closet. 

While premium polyester linens are much thicker, and much more of a long-term investment for experienced planners, economy polyester linens offer the same elegant quality, and color variety at a much affordable price point. CV Linens offer both the premium polyester line and the economy polyester line, so you have options to choose from, depending on your budget and styling needs. 

Is it reusable?

While economy polyester linens work best for occasional use, one-time events, or casual affairs. With proper care they are durable and long-lasting enough to be reused for other special events.  

 Caring for polyester linens is easy because they are machine washable and easy to dry. Help prevent onset stains and deep wrinkles by washing and drying them every after use, and store them neatly for your next event. 

Is it affordable?

Definitely! Economy polyester linens are, well, economical. CV Linens wholesale prices also extend to economy event linens, making them much more affordable! In fact, you can buy economy table overlays for prices as low as $3 and economy round or rectangle tablecloths for as low as under $7 per piece!

Can I use it for upscale event decor?

Yes, economy polyester linen tablecloths can easily be dressed up making them your go-to tablecloths for upscale events! Because of their quality, your guests won't know that you're using inexpensive economic linens as part of the decor, but with a few quick enhancements, you can make them look more luxurious! 

 You can quickly enhance the tablescapes by using white or ivory base polyester linens then add a different texture, pattern, or color table overlay topper.  It definitely will have your guest take notice.   Another way to disguise economy linens is to use a table skirt over a round or rectangular tablecloth, as commonly used for dessert table decor. Economy polyester chair covers can also be enhanced by adding chair sashes or dazzling sequin chair bands 

 Whether you have an indoor or outdoor event, using economy linens is a great way to decorate for casual get-togethers, birthday parties, and even wedding parties! Economy polyester linens are also perfect for DIY event decor, if you want to decorate your own event, but don’t really need to use the tablecloths often. 

all white tablescape

Which linens can I pair it with? 

Economy polyester linens are extremely versatile, and pair perfectly with linens in any texture to enhance your event decorations, including glitz and payette sequin fabric, organza, satin rosette, or burlap fabric. 

For a cohesive event in the same polyester fabric, complimenting items in our standard polyester line are also available and include napkins, table skirts, chair sashes, chair covers, and tablecloth overlays!

Economy polyester linens are perfect for beginner designers, home decorators, and first-time event stylists. It is also a basic tablecloth linen if you love to DIY your celebrations. Buy in bulk from CV Linens and enjoy quality linens without going over your budget. 

We hope this article helps you have a good sense if economy linens is the right choice for you. Next step is to know what size tablecloth you need regardless of material used, be sure to take a look at our other blogs on the How to Choose the Right Tablecloth Size and materials of other table linens and items that complement your tablesetting such as charger plates and table runners

You can also check our Instagram and Pinterest page for more table-setting inspirations using economy polyester linens. 

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