What Is Lamour Satin and Its Best Color Schemes for Party Events?

Lamour satin, also known as bridal satin which literally translates to “the love satin” is one of the many luxury fabrics available at CV Linens. It is versatile and durable, which makes it a great investment for party planners and event stylists.  

Lamour satin fabrics have a matte, yet polished finish, without the signature shine of satin. This fabric has a more subtle look compared to satin, which makes it look stylish and elegant, especially for formal gatherings such as weddings. 

Make guests feel special by creating a dreamy dinner table setting using lamour satin fabric for your tables and chairs. CV Linens offer a wide array of event linens made from lamour satin fabric including tablecloths, table runners, table overlays, napkins, and chair sashes

The beauty of matte satin linens is that you can easily style them to match any table decor like charger plates and utensils to any event theme. The semi-dull finish will ensure that any eye-catching centerpiece will make a lasting impression on your guests. The large selection of colors available also allows you to easily choose the right color for your event theme or color combination.

Lamour Satin Decor Ideas

Lamour Satin Table Linens

1. All-White Events

Gathered lamour satin table skirts are perfect for an all-white party. Its polished ruffle design will look perfect for indoor weddings or any daytime or afternoon events. Match this with white lamour chair sashes on chiavari chairs, or banquet chairs covered in spandex chair covers for contrast.  

For the table-setting, use white and silver charger plates and disposable utensils. Add a crystal centerpiece, or opt for a clear flower vase with white fresh or faux roses 

2. Very Peri

CV Linens also offer a variety of lamour satin linens in shades of purple for monochromatic event designs.Use a purple chair sash over ivory banquet chair covers and a satin table runner over round or rectangular tablecloths. Combining velvet Victorian lilac drapes with hanging wisteria vines accents creates a dimensional backdrop design that will be sure to stand out! 

 You may also use a purple oversized flower chair decor instead of a chair sash to accent your chairs. For the table setting, choose a purple or gold charger plate. You may use loose flowers and greeneries for the table setting.    

3. Summer Colors Events (Yellow, Peach, Blue)

Fall in love with lamour satin fabric in summer colors. Design a colorful table setting by combining yellow, peach, and baby blue linens over white or ivory base linens

 Serving your colorful summer cocktails in chic disposable cups would add the final touch to complete the fresh summer look.

cocktail table linen
Round Lamour Satin Table Linens

4. Pretty in Pink Party

Leave your guests blushing with “pretty in pink” tables and chairs. This set-up will be perfect for birthday parties, baby showers, and even weddings. Lamour tablecloths and table overlays in different shades of pink will help add dimension to the tablescapes. Mixing different fabrics that easily combine with lamour satin such as glitz sequin or organza for chairs will also add visual interest to the decor. 

 For dessert tables, display assorted desserts and pastries over cylinder pedestal stands surrounded by loose flowers and have your guests enjoy them with complementing light pink utensils, tableware and napkins. 

5. Green with Envy 

If you are looking for an eccentric, yet glamorous table-setting decor idea, go for a green and crystal set-up. Use emerald or a lighter green such as mint green paired with crystal decors. Lamour satin fabric has a matte finish, perfect for indoor or outdoor events. Its polished look allows for more versatile color combinations, but green and white or green and ivory are timeless color combos! 

Use gold centerpieces such as a crystal candelabra or a flower vase with white florals for added elegance or add purple hydrangeas to add a subtle hint of color to your table.

elf shoe table napkin

6. Black Masquerade Party Events

Take your party-planning to the next level with a sophisticated all-black event. When you compare satin vs lamour satin, lamour is the perfect luxury fabric because it has just the right amount of sheen without the glare that may reflect when using shiny satin decor. 

 Use black lamour satin tablecloths along with sequin or lace table toppers. For banquet chairs use lamour chair covers combined with sequin chair bands or opt for black chair sashes for chiavari chairs. Create eye-catching centerpieces using crystal candelabras with pearl and ostrich feather accents.

Black Satin Table Linens

Lamour satin is elegant, versatile, durable, and perfect for any event theme! If you're unsure if you should use silky satin or polyester linens for your next event, then lamour matte table linens are a perfect choice so make sure to have this trustworthy fabric in your tow. We guarantee that this fabric is worthy to invest in due to its ease of use and elegant look! 

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