Fabric 411: Lamour Satin

We try not to play favorites when it comes to linens, but there is a standout among us. Not all of our customers understand all of the potential of our new favorite fabric.

We want to introduce you to our main squeeze of the week whose very name means love in French. This is why we have devoted this entire post to Lamour Satin!

Peruse this article to learn everything about this luxurious fabric. Trust us, you’re about to love Lamour satin, too!

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What is Lamour Satin?

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Lamour Satin is a gorgeous choice of linen for your special event. Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, or Quinceaneras, Lamour is a fantastic choice. You may also have noticed Lamour in fashion and clothing textiles. Lamour is ready to make its mark as a go-to fabric for base linens! We foresee Lamour as on par with traditional Satin and Polyester. All Lamour needs is fans like you to spread the word!

Lamour Satin vs Satin: How Is It Different Than Traditional Satin?

For most people, the name satin conjures images of sleek, shiny material. While Lamour is certainly considered satin, it has a matte finish without satin’s characteristic shine. 

If you’re torn between the matte of Polyester and the shine of Satin, you’ll definitely want to opt for Lamour’s polished appearance.

Where is it Used?

Lamour Satin finds its way into many special places. Imagine it as a star fabric at fancy gatherings.


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At weddings, Lamour fabric is like the red carpet of fabrics. Brides often wear dresses made of it because they look exquisite and they feel soft against the skin.


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Fancy parties and celebrations often feature Lamour satin fabric. People like to use them in wedding table decorations. It gives an air of sophistication to the event.

Why People Like Lamour Satin

People are drawn to this fabric for several simple reasons:

Shiny and Smooth: Imagine a beautiful pearl shining in the sun. This fabric shines in the same way, making you feel like a star. It's smooth like your favorite soft toy, making it really nice to touch.

Lots of Colors: Just like a big box of crayons, it comes in many colors. This means you can pick the color that makes you feel happiest. You could have a bright red dress for a bold look or a calming blue one for elegance. Some of the options we have in our catalog include white, ivory satin, and pink satin tablecloths.

Drapes Nicely: Think of how a waterfall flows gracefully down a hill. It drapes in a similar way. When you wear a dress in this fabric, it moves beautifully with every step.

Comfortable: Imagine wearing clothes that feel like a gentle hug. Lamour Satin is that kind of fabric. It's comfy to wear, so you won't fidget or itch when you have it on.

How is it Made?

This delicate fabric isn't created by magic; it's made through a unique process. It starts with special threads called "satin weave." Imagine making a checkerboard with threads. The shiny squares in the checkerboard are like the shiny parts of Lamour Satin, and the lines between them are the other threads. When woven this way, it gives a lovely shine and smoothness.

Taking Care of Lamour Satin

To keep your items looking their best, follow these simple steps:

Gentle Cleaning: Wash it gently, either by hand or using a washing machine in a delicate setting. Always use cold water and mild detergent, like a gentle soap.

No Ironing Directly: Pretend like it is like a delicate flower. When it comes to ironing, don't touch it directly with a hot iron. For a satin round tablecloth, use a cloth between the iron and the fabric, or use a low-heat setting to keep it safe from harm.

Hang it Up: After its spa day, let it relax by hanging it up to dry. Don't squeeze or wring it out, as that can hurt the fabric. Just let it air dry naturally, like clothes drying on a sunny day.

Remember, Lamour satin isn't just any fabric; it's a special one that adds a touch of elegance to your special moments. So, when you see it at weddings or parties, you'll know why people love it, how it's made, and how to care for it, all in simple words.

What Makes Lamour Perfect for my Event Decor

Lamour is a fantastic choice for weddings or other special events because it’s versatile, has durable properties, and has a stunning finish. You can easily elevate the entire look by using recent table-setting trends with Lamour.

The subtle shine is also perfect for pairing with candlelight or LED lighting. Lamour also pairs well with any other textured or solid linen!

How is Lamour Satin Comparable to other Fabrics Carried by CV Linens?

Lamour line is as easy to machine washable and dry as polyester or traditional satin. You will notice the price point of Lamour is slightly (typically within two dollars) higher than the price of Taffeta or plain Satin linens. Lamour is considered a luxury fabric perfect for bringing a touch of refinement without breaking the bank! Upgrading your standard linen order to Lamour will subtly impact your budget, but a major decorative impact.

What Items are Available in Lamour?

We carry Lamour in several items! Our bestsellers include gathered table skirts, Lamour satin tablecloths, Lamour satin napkins, table overlays, runners, sash, and chair covers. For a complete list of sizes and color options, please check out our selection of Lamour items here.

Are You Crazy About Lamour Satin?

You know we love Lamour, but are you convinced? Tell us all about your experiences with Lamour in the comments below. If you have used Lamour Satin in your special event decor, we would love to see it! 

We understand that planning events can be stressful, so we're here to help you every step of the way. Our CV Linens Rewards program is just one of the ways we show our appreciation for your trust in CV Linens. Whether you're organizing a wedding, a corporate event, or any special occasion, our goal is to make it a memorable and hassle-free experience for you.

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