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Fabric 411: Lamour Satin

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We try not to play favorites when it comes to linens but there is a standout among us! Not all of our customers understand all of the potential of our new favorite fabric. We want to introduce you to our main squeeze of the week whose very name means love in French. Which is why we have devoted this entire post to Lamour Satin! Peruse this article to learn everything about this luxurious fabric. Trust us, you’re about to love Lamour Satin, too!


What is Lamour Satin?

Lamour Satin is a gorgeous choice of linen for your special event. Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, or Quinceaneras, Lamour is a fantastic choice. You may also have noticed Lamour in fashion and clothing textiles. Lamour is ready to make its mark as a go-to fabric for base linens! We foresee lamour as on par with traditional Satin and Polyester. All Lamour needs is fans like you to spread the word!



How is Lamour different than traditional Satin?

For most people, the name satin conjures images of sleek, shiny material. While Lamour is certainly considered satin, it has a matte finish without satin’s characteristic shine. If you’re torn between the matte of Polyester and the shine of Satin, you’ll definitely want to opt for Lamour’s polished appearance.


What makes Lamour perfect for my event decor?

Lamour is a fantastic choice for weddings or other special events because of it’s versatile, has durable properties, and a stunning finish. You can easily elevate the entire look of a tablescape with Lamour. The subtle shine is also perfect for pairing with candlelights or LED lighting. Lamour also pairs well with any other textured or solid linen!


How is Lamour Satin comparable to other fabrics carried by CV Linens?

Lamour line is as easy to machine washable and dry as polyester or traditional satin. You will notice the price point of Lamour is slightly (typically within two dollars) higher than the price of Taffeta or plain Satin linens. Lamour is considered a luxury fabric perfect for bringing a touch a refinement without breaking the bank! Upgrading your standard linen order to Lamour will have a subtle impact on your budget, but a major decorative impact.


What items are available in Lamour?

We carry Lamour in several items! Our bestsellers include Gathered Table Skirts, Tablecloths, Table Overlays, Runners, Sash, and Chair covers. For a complete list of sizes and color options, please check out our selection of Lamour items here.


Are You Crazy About Lamour Satin?

You know we love Lamour, but are you convinced? Tell us all about your experiences with Lamour in the comments below. If you have used Lamour Satin in your special event decor, we would love to see! You can DM us photos of your decor featuring Lamour Satin on Instagram.

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