How Should a Table Runner Fit on a Table

Table runners are an important decorative accent in table decorations. They bring texture and depth to any dining experience. They function as a canvas for your tablescapes, displaying your centerpieces and dinnerware

What is a Table Runner?

beautiful table runner setup

Table runners protect your table's surfaces from scratches, spills, and damage caused by hot dishes or plates. They are adaptable and can be used daily at home or for special occasions like weddings, family dinners, and formal gatherings.

These table decorations come in a variety of sizes and dimensions. Their standard width ranges from 12 to 18 inches wide. They have different lengths based on the size of the table and the desired overhang on each end. The standard length is 36 inches for shorter tables, 54" for medium-sized, and 72 inches for longer ones.

Several factors influence the fit of the runner, including the shape and size of the table. For example, a runner should extend beyond the edges of a rectangular table, while square tables will require round table runners. 

Determining Table Runner Length

To make a polished table setting, choose a table runner with the appropriate length. For starters, the length of the runner should be proportional to the size of the tabletop itself. Smaller tables require shorter table runners, whereas longer tables will need longer runners as well.

Another important detail is the length of the overhang you intend to leave. The basic rule is to allow a 6 to 12-inch overhang. Explore various lengths and placements to find the one that best suits your style and overall aesthetics. 

Choosing Table Runner Width

Runners typically range in standard width from 12 to 18 inches. Select a width that matches the size of your table. 

Narrow runners are ideal for smaller tables and those seeking a minimalist look. Wider table runners, on the other hand, can provide greater surface area for other decorative elements. You may also place narrow runners on top of wider ones to provide a contrasting border.

Fitting the Table Runner to the Table

Ensure your table runner perfectly fits and drapes your table for a polished look. Place your runner down the center of the table. Position it so that both ends of the table have an equal overhang. Make sure the table runner is straight and aligns with the table’s edges.

Adjust your runner to fit the shape of your table. For rectangular tables, position the table runner in the center. Make sure that it spreads over the edges to achieve a beautiful finish. 

If you have round or oval tables, drape the table runner around the centerpiece. This directs the focus of your guests to the focal point. Allow the runner to hang evenly from all corners of the round table.

Lastly, if you have square or irregularly shaped tables, place your table runner diagonally across the tabletop. You could arrange multiple runners parallel to each other or across in the middle. This allows you to play with different patterns and colors!

Styling Ideas for Table Runners

Glitz Sequin Table Runner - Red
Cheesecloth Table Runner 25" x 16ft - White
Satin Table Runner - Emerald Green

Follow these creative tips to make the most of these beautiful decor elements.

Mix and Match

Layer many table runners of varying lengths, widths, and colors to achieve your desired design plans.

Contrast and Compliment

Pair your runner with either solid-colored tablecloths or patterned ones to provide dimension to the setting.

Play with Patterns

Combine stripes with floral or geometric designs for a vibrant tablescape.

Seasonal Themes

Choose table runners in a variety of colors to reflect the season. For spring and summer, choose bold hues and floral prints.

Candlelit Runner

Line the table runner with an array of candles to create an intimate mood.

Floral Runner

Arrange fresh or artificial flowers along the length of the runner.

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