How Big Should a Cake Stand Be?

Cakes are the perfect dessert to cap off any event. They are a delightful way to finish your event’s dining experience. From weddings to birthday parties, having cakes at your event is an enduring choice.

Cake stands are a perfect way to elegantly display your cakes. Since event cakes come in all shapes and sizes, finding the right stand can be a hassle. This article can help serve as a cake stand size guide for your cake. Figuring out how big a cake stand should be for your event is a simple task with this guide.

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Choosing the Right Cake Stand Size

The most important element to consider when choosing a cake stand is to consider the size of the cake and the type of cake you're having. As a general rule when dealing with cake stand sizes, your cake stand should be slightly larger than your cake. 

Different-sized cake stands serve specific purposes. If your cake has minimal detailing on the edges, you can opt for a cake stand that is the same size as the cake board. This allows your cake to be displayed in a snug fit. For more intricate cakes, a cake stand that is larger than your cake is a better option to give your cake more room.

To safely choose the right cake stand size, choose a cake stand that's the same size as the circumference of your cake board. If you want more space for your cake base, you can add about 2 inches to make sure you have extra space around the edges of your cake. 

Consider The Cake Stand’s Weight Capacity

Another crucial detail to consider in choosing a cake stand is the maximum weight it can hold. Extravagant multi-tier cakes for upscale events such as weddings can be mesmerizing. However, these added cake tiers mean you will need a stand that can hold the extra weight. Choose cake stands with a wider base for more balance and easy distribution of weight.

If you’re wondering what size cake stand for a 12-inch cake is best, the Crystal 14" Round Cake Stand is an excellent choice.

Wondering what size cake stand is best for 14-inch cakes? For more elaborate and larger 14-inch cakes multi-tiered cakes, cake stands with a sturdier base are called for. Our square 18"x18" crystal cake stand is a great option. These cake stands are made to hold heavier cakes. The square shape also lends itself well to a sturdier base and better balance.

Crystal 14" Round Cake Stand - Silver plated
Square 18"x18" Crystal Cake Stand - Gold Plated

You’ll also want to consider the material of your cake stand when choosing heavier cakes. For multi-tiered cakes, opt for sturdier stands made of metal rather than cardboard. This way, you can still choose stands that are about the same circumference as your cake without having to worry about it collapsing.

Choose the right size cake stand for your favorite cake. Enjoy a luxurious dining experience with a stunning case stand perfect for your cake size. With this quick guide, choose the right cake stand size and gather around a luxurious dessert experience for a party to remember.

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