How To Put On Chair Covers Properly?

Chairs are among the most important and comfortable items you can have at home or gatherings. They offer you a space to relax and unwind. This piece of furniture provides you with an area where you can spend time with friends and family on special occasions.

However, because chairs are being used frequently, they are subject to wear and tear. A chair cover can keep these decorative elements safe from spills, stains, and other sorts of damage. Covering the chair seats can also add new colors and textures to your space. Understanding how to put on chair covers guarantees that every piece of your decor contributes to a successful and memorable event.

Preparing Your Chair and Chair Covers

Before placing your chair covers, ensure that your chairs are free of dust, stains, and debris. Wipe down your chairs with a damp cloth to remove any dirt from their surface. Inspect the chairs for any damages that may require repair.

It is also crucial to double-check cover dimensions to make sure they are compatible with your chairs. Ill-fitting chair covers or over-bunching might give an unkempt, poorly prepared look. 

Finally, gather all of the tools and materials you'll need for putting on chair covers. Aside from the covers, check for additional accessories like chair sashes, clips, or ties. Have all of these items ready for a quick and easy setup.

Step-by-step Guide for Putting on Chair Covers

A flawless placement of chair covers is essential for achieving a cohesive event aesthetic. Follow these detailed instructions to easily put these covers on universal or banquet chairs:

  1. Begin by draping the chair covers over the back of the chair. Make sure it's centered and hangs evenly on both sides. Smooth out any wrinkles or folds as you slip it on to get a sleek look.
  2. Secure the cover snuggly around the back of the chair with the included ties, straps, or Velcro closure. Make sure your cover is properly fastened to prevent it from slipping or shifting throughout the event.
  3. Stretch the chair cover over the seat of the chair. Ensure that the fabric is flat and taut against the seat. Smooth out any wrinkles as you aim for a polished finish. 
  4. As you reach the bottom of the chair, tuck any excess material neatly under the seat cushion. This will help hide any loose fabric and maintain a tidy edge along the chair's base.
  5. Take a step back and inspect the chair cover to see if it needs to be adjusted. Smooth out any wrinkles and ensure that the cover fits evenly on the entire chair.

Special Consideration for Different Chair Types

white wedding chair covers

There is a large selection of chairs available for use at various events. Here are specific instructions for covering each type:

How to put on spandex chair covers?

Spandex chair covers are stretchy and may fit various chair types and sizes. Start by finding the top of the cover, which is usually identified by a tag or seam. Slide the cover onto the top of the chair, ensuring that the cover is centered and aligned with the backrest. Then, carefully stretch the cover down to the seat. Smooth out any creases and adjust the cover as needed to ensure a snug fit.

How to cover folding chairs?

Unfold the chair and set it upright. Lay the cover flat on the ground, front side down, then place the chair upside down on top of it. Pull it up and over the chair to cover the entire backrest and seat. 

How to put on Chiavari chair covers?

If your chair has one, remove the seat cushion before putting the cover. Unfold the Chiavari chair cover and drape it over the back of the chair. Make sure that the cover is centered and straight. Pull the cover down over the backrest and back legs. Smooth out any wrinkles and adjust the chair cover to ensure a secure fit. Place the cushion back on the chair.

What is the Best Material to Cover Dining Room Chairs?

Chair covers are available in a variety of fabrics and can help you get the perfect look for your event. Here are some commonly used materials and their features:


Polyester Banquet Chair Cover - Light Ivory/Off White

Polyester chair covers are a popular option for both indoor and outdoor events. This material is resistant to wrinkles and water-based stains, making it excellent for big celebrations. 


Spandex Banquet Chair Cover - Blush/Rose Gold

These spandex seat covers are made of flexible fabric and can conform to the contours of your chair for a snug fit. These are ideal for achieving a sleek and polished look.


Universal Satin Self Tie Chair Cover - Bright Gold

Satin has a smooth, shiny surface, allowing you to create a lavish setting. It is great for formal events such as wedding receptions, galas, and banquets. 


Velvet Stretch Spandex Banquet Chair Cover - Black

Velvet fabric has a plush and luxurious feel, bringing depth and richness to any space. It creates a cozy ambiance which is ideal for intimate gatherings.

Follow the step-by-step instructions and choose the best chair covering materials to create a memorable experience for yourself and your guests.

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