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Elegant Textured Champagne Sequin Sweetheart Table

 Champagne Sequin Sweetheart Table FeaturedSpotlight Featuring Champagne Sequin Sweetheart Table

Today’s look was based on our rich shimmering Champagne tones of our two most unique textured items. Our newly redesigned Curly Willow Table Skirts twist and turns mimic the rolling Wave Satin for a match made in linen heaven. This unassuming champagne sequin number proves that an understated color palette can make a massive impact! We have combined champagne sequins with the Wave Satin and Curly Willow to create the ultimate in luxury. The Payette Champagne Sequin backdrop and matching champagne sequin table runner is an amazing answer to adding sparkle to your guests of honor table!

champagne sequin backdrop table runner

Recreate This Look

Are you thinking of adding a dramatic champagne sequin sweetheart table? We have everything you need to recreate this look!


Achieve this Champagne look using these products from CV Linens:

72″x72″ Wave Satin Overlay in Champagne
14ft Curly Willow New Tone Table Skirt in Champagne
Payette Table Runner in Champagne
Payette Sequin Tablecloth in Champagne (Drapery Swag)
Velour 10′ H x 58″ W Drape / Backdrop in Black
Pipe and Drape Set

What Do You Think?

Are you crazy about this champagne sweetheart table? Let us know what you think of this luxurious look in the comments below!

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