Industrial Draping

Industrial Draping

Black Backdrop Drape

We’ve been so excited about expanding our Pipe and Drape line lately that we figured it would be the perfect time to spotlight our specialty line of industrial drape/backdrops! We would like to introduce our new opaque drapes to our line of event draping supplies.

Backdrop and Drape Supplies

Black Backdrop Drape 

White Backdrop Drape


Unbeknownst to many, drapery has uses that far surpass that of simple decor. Black and white backdrops that are made of a thick and opaque material have been staples of the photography, theater, event planning, and tradeshow industries for decades. Having already brought sheer, semi-opaque, and different textures on board to our backdrop/drape line, we decided it was time to expand our line of even drape supplies. We are excited to expand our Commando and Velour Drape/Backdrops!

Our Commando Drape/Backdrops have a thick and rigid texture, which makes them the perfect choice for staging; in comparison, our Velour Drape/Backdrops are equally thick but are extremely soft to the touch and can easily be manipulated into the position you need. Both drapes are 100% opaque, which is optimal for constructing a photobooth or to make the world outside of your event disappear by obscuring walls and concealing windows to prevent conflicting light.

Pipe Drape Bars Accessory

Each drape features a six-inch pocket that is compatible with any of our pipe and drape sets! Combining pipe sets with multiple drape panels makes constructing a photobooth, tradeshow booths, or showroom displays a snap. While supplies last, you can  purchase our Commando Drape/Backdrops are available in White and Black in 8’ ft x 60”, 10’ ft x 60″, and 12’ ft x 60”. Completely change the way you look at setting up your events and showrooms and begin elevating your look!


Stay tuned as we are working on a feature to help you unlock the full potential of pipe and drape sets! Let us know if you have any product suggestions or concerns either by email or telephone.


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