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Transform Your Events with Opaque Backdrops and Drapes

We’ve been so excited about expanding our pipe and drape backdrop line lately that we figured it would be the perfect time to spotlight our specialty line of industrial backdrops and drapes! We would like to introduce our new opaque drapes to our line of event draping supplies.

Our Backdrops and Drapes Supplies

black backdrop drape

Drapery has uses that far surpass that of simple decor. Black and white backdrops that are made of a thick and opaque material have been staples of the photography, theater, event planning, and tradeshow industries for decades. 

Having already brought sheer, semi-opaque, and different textures on board to our backdrop/drape line, we decided it was time to expand our line of even drape supplies. We are excited to expand our commando and velour backdrops and drapes!

Poly Premier Fire Retardant (FR) 12ft H x 60" W Drape/Backdrop - Black
Poly Premier Fire Retardant (FR) 12ft H x 60" W drape/backdrop - White

Our commando drape/backdrops have a thick and rigid texture, which makes them the perfect choice for staging. 

In comparison, our velour drape/backdrops are equally thick but are extremely soft to the touch and can easily be adjusted into the position you need. Both drapes are 100% opaque. These are optimal for constructing a photobooth or to make the world outside of your event disappear by obscuring walls and concealing windows to prevent conflicting light.

Each drape features a six-inch pocket that is compatible with any of our portable backdrop pipe sets! Combining pipe sets with multiple drape panels makes constructing a backdrop stand for photos, trade show booths, or showroom displays a snap. 

While supplies last, you can purchase our commando pipe and drape backdrops, available in white and black in 8’ ft x 60, 10’ ft x 60″, and 12’ ft x 60”. Completely change the way you look at setting up your events and showrooms and begin elevating your look!

What is a Pipe and Drape System?

A pipe and drape system are a flexible modular framework used in various event and decorating applications. It is used to create temporary partitions, backdrops, or decorative elements. It typically includes upright pipes, horizontal crossbars, and backdrops and drapes.

8ft Tall Break Apart Upright (2pcs/set)

A fundamental part of this system is the pipe and drape kit. This kit simplifies the process of setting up a pipe and drape arrangement. It typically includes upright pipes, horizontal crossbars, and backdrop curtains. 

In many cases, it also contains pipe and drape base and base plates which are essential components for stability. The pipe and drape base plates securely fit onto the base of the upright pipes, providing additional weight. They are essential especially when using taller drapes or when setting up outdoors.

What is Industrial Draping?

Industrial draping is a specialized technique used primarily in large-scale events, trade shows, and industrial settings. It involves the use of heavy-duty pipes and drapes to create partitions, enclosures, or temporary spaces within industrial or commercial environments.

These draping serve various purposes, such as creating private areas for meetings or improving the overall appearance and functionality of the space.

Examples of Products for Industrial Draping:

This stand serves as the backbone of industrial draping. It's made of high-quality aluminum tubing and features solid metal bases for stability. The adjustable height allows for flexibility in creating partitions, backdrops, or designated areas. Its curved frame adds an elegant touch to the space.

You can easily attach fabric drapes or banners to this stand to transform it into a captivating backdrop.

A heavy-duty backdrop stand is a staple in industrial draping. The 10x10 size provides a sizable partition or enclosure. These stands are built to be sturdy and durable, capable of supporting large and heavy drapes or curtains. They play a significant role in defining spaces, managing workflow, and ensuring safety and privacy within industrial settings.

These drapes come in a variety of materials and colors, offering flexibility for your industrial draping needs. Whether you need a sleek and professional backdrop for a corporate event or elegant drapes to transform a wedding venue, CV Linens' collection has you covered.

What Are Opaque Backdrops and Their Advantages?

Opaque drapes are specialized background materials used in various settings, from photography studios to event venues. They are designed to completely block out any light or objects behind them, creating a solid, uniform background. Unlike sheer or translucent fabrics, these backdrops do not allow any light to pass through, ensuring that what's in front of the backdrop is the center of attention.

The advantages of using opaque backdrops are numerous, making them a popular choice in photography, videography, and event design:

Clean and Distraction-Free Background

Opaque backdrops provide a clean and distraction-free background. Whether you're capturing important moments in a photo or video or hosting an event where the focus should be on the foreground, an opaque backdrop ensures that nothing interferes with the subject.

Flexibility in Creating Different Moods

These backdrops offer flexibility in creating different moods and settings. They come in various colors and textures, allowing you to match them to your event's theme or the desired atmosphere. A rich black or deep blue opaque drape can create a sense of sophistication, while a crisp white backdrop can convey simplicity.

Hiding Unsightly Elements

Opaque drapes and backdrops can hide unsightly elements or clutter in the background. This is particularly useful in event design, where you may need to cover up walls or doors that don't align with your event's aesthetics.

Invest in CV Linens' Opaque Backdrops and Drapes!

When it comes to drapes and backdrops quality matters. At CV Linens, we take pride in offering high-quality drapes that not only meet but exceed your expectations. 

CV Linens offers a wide selection of opaque drapes in various colors and materials to cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you're setting up a photo booth, recording a video, or hosting a special event, CV Linens' backdrops help achieve a polished and professional look.

But that's not all! At CV Linens, we believe in rewarding our valued customers. With CV Linens Rewards, you can enjoy exclusive discounts, special promotions, and access to high-quality linens and decor. It's our way of saying thank you for choosing CV Linens as your trusted partner for event needs.

Take home the CV Linens' backdrops and drapes and invest in quality, variety, and the assurance that your event will shine! Add them to cart now in bulk and avail our free shipping options.

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