New: Organza Overlays & Universal Chair Covers

New: Organza Overlays & Universal Chair Covers


Ruffled Sheer Organza Overlay & Chair Covers



We’re so excited to announce that we’ve expanded upon our Organza line that we all know and love! In addition to our Embroidery Organza and Polka Dot Organza textures, we now offer a Ruffled Organza option. Truly exclusive, you’ll be hard-pressed to find this texture for purchase elsewhere! Ruffled Organza is the perfect way to add a soft, unique look to your wedding or event. Durably sewn, these overlapping ruffled layers of organza intertwine to create a beautiful and versatile look that can be seamlessly paired with almost any other texture. Dress up our black and gold Ruffled Organza for a Roaring 20’s Gatsby party or use the white and ivory for a vintage, rustic look! The texture of Ruffled Organza is so versatile it can be used for any occasion. Pair our Ruffled Sheer Organza Overlay with our Ruffled Sheer Organza Chair Covers, made of the same material and true to color, to add some cohesion to your event.


Our Ruffled Sheer Organza Overlay currently come in Black, White, Gold, Ivory, Champagne, Aqua Blue, Pink, Purple, and Royal Blue!


Previously, White was the only color available in the Ruffle Sheer Organza Chair Covers, but we now also carry Black, Gold, Ivory, Champagne, Aqua Blue, Pink, Purple, and Royal Blue!




Chairs can be a missed opportunity when it comes to pulling an event together if you can’t find the right covers, which is why we’re in the business of providing you the best variety possible! Our newest addition and option, the Taffeta Universal Self Tie Chair Cover, is one of our favorite items to date. The rich colors and taffeta fabric are bold, classy, sophisticated, and elegant; if you’re looking to make your chairs a statement piece of your decor then look no further, these are exactly what you’re after. Seriously, these look so luxe in person.

Taffeta has a slight sheen on a matted texture surface that beautifully reflects light to show off the unique draping of universal tie covers, which will elevate your entire decor. Best of all? These pillowcase slip-on covers are also stress-free and a breeze to decorate with (there’s even a video tutorial below to prove it!)


We currently have White, Ivory, Champagne, and Silver available in our Taffeta Universal Self Tie Chair Covers. Pair them with our Rhinestone Chair Clips (shown above) or our Oversize Chair Flowers to finish off your look!

Have a wonderful rest of your week, CVers, and don’t forget to enter our Giveaway so you can be the first to get your hands on these amazing new items!


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Appears the universal cover is the only option for the wide church chair that has replaced the standard banquet chair or pew. Would love to see the look of the various materials offered in this style cover on this chair and how other accessories, such as a standard tieback would be used as well. I have seen distant pictures of it but would like to see a video for such.

Andrea Braxton

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