CV Linens Fabric Spotlight: Pinchwheel

We are pleased to cast the spotlight on one of our favorite classic beauties! Pinchwheel tablecloth is the solution you are looking for to add a touch of shine to your tablescape. The hallmark of pinchwheel is the exquisite gathered tucks which create radial pleats. The puckered details will add texture and amazing details to your special event decor. 

We love this textured fabric for pairing with virtually any other material. Pinchwheel taffeta is a must for any wedding or event planner!

Exploring the Beauty of Pinchwheel Taffeta

120" Pinchwheel Round Tablecloth - Royal Blue
120" Pinchwheel Round Tablecloth - Burgundy

When it comes to adding a touch of elegance and texture to your event decor, pinchwheel taffeta tablecloths work like magic. Crafted from high-quality taffeta fabric, these tablecloths boast textured fabric patterns that add depth to your table settings.

Pinchwheel tablecloth has a unique fabric pattern design that features precisely spaced, small, textured pinwheels. This pattern adds a visually appealing element and creates a subtle play of light and shadow, making your tablescape more dynamic.

These linens are crafted from taffeta fabrics, a material known for its smooth, glossy finish and crisp drape. With its delicate nature, this type of fabric can add a touch of luxury to your event. 

At CV Linens, we offer a wide range of taffeta linens, including exquisite taffeta chair sashes. These chair sashes are perfect for various events, from weddings and galas to upscale corporate gatherings. They bring a sense of sophistication to your seating arrangements, effortlessly elevating your event's ambiance. 

So, whether you're planning a grand wedding or a stylish corporate event, consider the magic of taffeta linens to make your decor truly shine.

Pinchwheel Taffeta Tablecloths Galore

Our selection of Pinchwheel tablecloths offers you the flexibility to create a cohesive and elegant decor theme for various occasions. 

These tablecloths are available in rectangular and round sizes. You can easily coordinate your special event decor, right down to the smallest details, including buffet tables and cake tables.

Our tablecloths come in rectangular and round sizes. You can match it with your event decor, down to the smallest details, including buffet tables and cake tables, using our beautiful patterned fabric.

For events that favor a classic, symmetrical look with straight lines and sharp angles, our rectangular pinchwheel tablecloths are the perfect choice. These tablecloths exude an air of formality and are ideal for events where a polished appearance is essential. The precise pleated fabric of the Pinchwheel design adds a touch of sophistication to these tablecloths.

On the other hand, our round Pinchwheel tablecloths bring a sense of softness and harmony to circular tables. They are an excellent choice for more intimate gatherings such as family reunions or roundtable discussions. The gentle curves of the Pinchwheel fabric design pattern add an element of grace to these round tablecloths.

Whether you're planning a grand wedding reception or a corporate gala, our tablecloths come in various shapes, sizes, and colors to easily match nearly any color palette. Best of all, Pinchwheel can be easily laundered. With proper care, your tablecloths will look brand new use after use for total even perfection! We specialize in Pinchwheel tablecloths – available in 120″, 132″, 90″x132″, and 90″x156″.

Other Different Types of Fabric Textures 

There are various types of fabric textures, each with its unique characteristics and visual appeal. Here are some common textured kinds of fabrics aside from the Pinchwheel taffeta:

1. Woven

Woven fabrics, including cotton and linen, have a simple crisscross pattern and can vary in texture depending on the tightness of the weave. The weaving process adds dimension and durability to these fabrics. These are used for casual wear and home linens. 

2. Twill

Twill fabrics can be made from a variety of materials, including cotton and synthetic fibers. Their diagonal texture adds style to a range of fashion and decor items.

3. Jacquard

Jacquard fabrics feature intricate woven patterns or designs that add a textured appearance to the material. They are excellent choices for adding depth and sophistication to drapes, table linens, and more.

4. Velvet

Velvet is a soft, plush fabric with a dense pile, creating a luxurious and tactile texture. Its opulent appearance and softness make it a coveted choice for upholstery, evening gowns, and home decor. 

5. Lace

Lace fabrics have an openwork pattern, often with floral or intricate designs, providing a delicate appearance. Lace exudes elegance, making it a timeless choice for wedding gowns, lingerie, and decorative accents. 

6. Pintuck Fabric

Pintuck fabrics feature tightly stitched folds that create a refined and elegant texture. These are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to various items, including tablecloths and apparel.

7. Sequin

Sequin fabrics are known for their eye-catching and reflective texture, created by the dazzling sequins attached to the fabric. They add a glamorous and sparkly touch to clothing and decor.

Different textures allow you to craft unique aesthetics, enhancing the beauty and functionality of your creations.

CV Linens offers an extensive selection of table linens for sale made from these fabrics, available in different colors and sizes. From elegant tablecloths to stylish table skirts and exquisite napkins, you'll find affordable options to elevate your event's decor.

120" Pinchwheel Round Tablecloth - Blush/Rose Gold120" Pinchwheel Round Tablecloth - Burgundy120" Pinchwheel Round Tablecloth - Champagne

120" Pinchwheel Round Tablecloth - Ivory120" Pinchwheel Round Tablecloth - Gold Antique120" Pinchwheel Round Tablecloth - Navy Blue 

Have You Used Pinchwheel Taffeta for an Event?

We’d love to see your tablescapes! If you have used Pinchwheel in your special event decor we are dying to see! Tag us with your photo on Instagram @cvlinens, or post it on our Facebook. If you love this fabric look, leave comments in our customer review section. We'd love to hear from you!

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