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A Lace Tablecloth Look for Fall

Quaker Lace Tablecloth with Burgundy Satin Tablecloth and Gold AccentsQuaker Lace Tablecloth with Burgundy Satin Tablecloth and Gold accents

A lace tablecloth probably isn’t the first thing that come to mind when you think about fall wedding decor.

You may be daydreaming of falling leaves in warm colors and rich, heavy fabrics. Sure, we know lace is the key to pulling off summer wedding trends. Vintage themes, glamorous designs, and country decor are spring and summer wedding looks that depend on lacey details.

Rather than think of lace as new summery trends, keep in mind that lace has always been in style! Lace has been a wedding craze since 1804 when Queen Victoria wore a lace gown for her royal wedding. Because of lace’s popularity for spring and summer weddings, it’s easy to forget the lace tablecloths are perfect for any season.

We have a few can’t-fail tricks for creating lace looks worthy of autumn weddings every time!


How to use Lace for Fall Weddings…

Before you begin creating your fall lace wedding looks take a look at our do’s and don’ts. While it may seem simple to jump right into adding lace to fall wedding decor, we have a few tips and words of caution.


Here is list of lace autumn decor don’ts:

Don’t use your lacey summer decor and just swap the original centerpiece for an autumn centerpiece. This is will not give you the fall result you crave.
Don’t get hung up on one kind of lace! We carry several styles, items, and shades of lace.
Don’t choose a spring or summer palette. Spring or summer colors will not create a fall or autumn wedding look.


In addition, our list of lace autumn decor do:

Do choose a warm color palette. Think berry tones, metallic colors, and other warm shades! We suggest Burgundy, Burnt Orange, Plum, or Chocolate.
Do add gold and glass accents to your tablescape.
Do consider using Ivory Lace if white lace looks just a little too bright.
Do add contrast between your base linens and your lace with a small lace accent, such as a chair sash or table runner.
Do tone down a dark tablecloth by covering it with a lace overlay!


We offer a wealth of lace products, including fabric bolts, table overlays, table runners, and chair sashes. Our selection of lace colors can’t be beat! Beginning with traditional lace offerings of white, and ivory, then branching into more diverse colors such as silver, gold, and black.

Quaker Lace Tablecloth with Burgundy Satin Tablecloth and Gold Accents

Are you thinking of using a lace tablecloth for your fall wedding?

Are you a fall bride or wedding planner thinking of decorating with lace for fall? Consider us for your linens needs in your wedding planning!

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