Curly Willow Chair Back Covers are Here!

Curly Willow Chair Back Covers are Here!

Blush, Black, White, Lilac, Champagne, Pink, Silver, Blue Curly Willow Chair Back Covers

It’s no secret that our curly willow items are insanely popular! With curly willow’s winding and voluminous curls of taffeta and organza, it’s easy to see why. When the opportunity arose to expand our curly willow family we knew what to do!

Say hello to a softer take on curly willow with our brand new Curly Willow Chair Back Covers available in blush, pink, black, white, champagne, silver, victorian lilac, and baby blue, ivory, fuchsia, and gold.

Take Your Curly Willow Chair Back Covers to Paradise

We regularly assist design consultation clients by helping them to create their destination wedding decor. Believe it or not, we are embarking on the prime months for destination weddings. As the tropical, exotic locales high temperatures start to lower, destinations weddings begin to rise! During the winter couples begin flocking to pristine, sandy beaches for their weddings. Every destination wedding client we have assisted lately are clamouring after one must-have: plenty of curly willow to blow in the ocean breeze!

With our new curly willow chair back cover, there are even more options for couples preparing to hit the road to their sunshine filled wedding in paradise. Each chair back cover is made from our signature organza to slide easily over Chiavari chairs, then outfitted with a sweeping skirt of pure organza swirls of curly willow!

The Perks of Being Curly Willow

While the aesthetic of curly willow has an obvious appeal, there are plenty of other benefits to packing along curly willow for your special day:

• Because curly willow chair back covers are made from 100% organza they weigh virtually nothing. This means shipping your curly willow chair back covers can be significantly less expensive than heavier chair covers, or you could even pack them into your airline luggage!

• No ironing! Simply give your curly willow chair back covers a once-over with a steamer and they will be fluffed and wrinkle free in no time.

• Curly willow chair back covers are sheer, which means they will blend in easily with your destination venue’s plain linens.

• Add a plain Spandex Chair Band (seen above) to each chair back cover to take it from beautiful to jaw-dropping wow! 

Even More Curly Willow

Keep in mind, these curly willow chair back covers aren’t just for weddings! While they are a popular destination wedding product, try a more luxurious take on baby showers or birthday celebrations with these showstoppers and you won’t be disappointed.

Best of all, we still carry our classic Curly Willow Table Skirts and Chair Sashes to coordinate your special day.

What do you think of our newest chair back covers? We foresee the curly willow chair back covers inspiring a sudden upswing in wedding decor upgrading to Chaivari Chairs



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