Elegant Plain Round 13-inch Gold Charger Plates For Events

Craft an unforgettable feast by finishing off your tablescape with our stunning 13-inch gold charger plates! This gorgeous golden charger plate will be the highlight of your elegant dinner. Use it as a base setting for your other dinnerware during formal events to elevate the fabulous dining experience!

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What are Charger Plates Used For?


If you have been invited to fabulous parties or fancy events, one of the main decorations that might’ve caught your attention would be the eye-catching charger plate. It may look like your usual dining plate, but it serves different purposes.

A gold charger plate, such as your usual charger plate, is used to protect your tablecloth from stains and keep your meals warm. It isn’t supposed to come in contact with food, instead it’s used to elegantly serve meals.

Aside from enhancing your tablescape, using charger plates can make food more appetizing. Besides, it would seem plain for a themed event to serve meals solely on a white entrée dish. By using our gold round charger plates, your food presentation will surely exude grace and class.

What Size Plates Fit in Chargers?

If you’re in the catering industry or if you’ve been to countless events, you might know how plates have a significant impact on your tablescape. There are various types of plates, each with a particular purpose in table placements.

For instance, most large plates aren’t suitable for starters because the food would be overpowered by the empty space. Similarly, a 6-inch plate would not be fit to serve a hefty main course unless you reduce portion sizes. That’s why it’s necessary to have plates that match your event’s type of cuisine, presentation and even portion sizes of your menu.

Usually, chargers are 350 mm or 14 inches in diameter. It’s designed to be placed beneath the plates on which meals are served. While large dinner plates may also be used as chargers, it’s also important to ensure appropriate size differences between your chargers and dinner plates.

At the event that you would want to use our 13-inch gold charger plates, you have to make sure to choose the right sizes of your other dinnerware.

Check out these stylish, elegant, and modern disposable plastic plates and dishware that don't look like they're meant to be thrown away. They could be a perfect match for your preferred charger plates for special occasions!

Colors That Match Our Plain Gold Charger Plate


Ever since, metallics have been a sought-after trend worldwide! It’s not surprising that gold is popular, since it offers a classic aesthetic of sophistication and grace. Surely, a gold charger will add exquisite style to your tablescape.

One tip in choosing a perfect charger is selecting the same quality as your other dinnerware. But this doesn’t mean that it’s necessary to use fine china if you want to use chargers for your table setting. Even with your current dinnerware, you can still achieve a style of casual elegance for your event.

It is essential to use charger plates that complement the colors, pattern and shape of your dinnerware. And here’s the good news—gold can actually go perfectly with your favorite colors!

You can match your plain gold charger plate with black and white, blue, pink, green, gray, purple, and red! Pair our 13-inch gold charger plates with our dusty blue napkins, and it’ll surely bring an extra appeal to your tablescape.

Any  style you’ve been thinking about will guarantee your event’s ambiance will glow with gold!

Why Should You Buy Gold Round Charger Plates from CV Linens?

Without a hint of doubt, CV Linens’ gold charger plates will have your guests in awe. Its exceptional visual appeal will certainly enhance their first impression of your food and leave them coming back for more!

Our gold charger plates have various unique and intricate designs, textures and patterns. That’s why looking for the perfect charger for your wedding, celebratory event, and plenty more has never been easier!

At CV Linens, you can get your money’s worth by purchasing our 13-inch gold charger plates.  You don’t even need to spend fortunes when you buy our charger plates bulk because our products are high-quality and affordable. It will ensure that all of your events have a touch of sophistication, elegance, and even festivity.

However, if you still want to look for different types and colors of charger plates for your other themed events, we have acrylic charger plates and silver glass charger plates in our collection just for you!

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Finding affordable charger plate options that are sturdy and of high quality is important when shopping for charger plates for weddings or other special occasions. At CV Linens, we prioritize offering excellent customer service and competitive pricing on all of our bulk wholesale products.

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