The Best Office Christmas Party Ideas You Can Try

It’s the holidays once again and Christmas is just around the corner. People who have spent their last few months buried in work will be looking forward to throwing the ultimate office Christmas party experience to unwind after a year of hard work.

It’s the time of the year again for Christmas-themed photo booths, party games, delectable food and drinks! In a few weeks, people will be all over the market searching for Santa hats, the best holiday party ideas, and Christmas decor. Read on for a rundown of the best office Christmas party ideas.

What Are Some Office Christmas Party Themes?

So, you’re throwing an office Christmas party and you want it to be the most memorable event people go to for that year. Be sure to throw a party that’ll bring out the creativity in all your guests with a unique theme.

You could choose office Christmas themes that reflect your company culture. You can also opt for a theme that will allow your employees to personalize and engage with each other. Here are some company Christmas party themes and fun party ideas:

Vintage Christmas Party

retro party costume

For a glamorous look that will allow employees to dress up at least once a year, you could throw a vintage Christmas party theme. Allow your guests to bring out the dressy outfits and polished shoes that will go well with classic Christmas parties decor like ribbons and exquisite affordable tablecloths! You could even add another layer to the theme by going for classic looks from vintage Hollywood Christmas movies, maybe? The possibilities are endless!

Musical Icons Christmas Party

70s fancy style

What’s Christmas without some music? This theme is sure to bring out the creativity – and some laughs – from your guests. Have them come dressed up as their favorite music icons. You can even choose an era or a music genre. 70’s Christmas music? Pop? Broadway? You name it! 

You can even add a disco ball and some glittery decor to your event to make your party come alive. Buy wholesale balloon supplies and an electric balloon pump from CV Linens and get ready to decorate your party venues in style!

Christmas Pop Culture Icons

decorating christmas tree

If you want to take your party to the next level here’s a theme that will surely brighten up your office. Fill your party with references from classic Christmas pop culture and have each guest come dressed in their favorite Christmas characters. You can even take it further by allowing all employees to decorate their desks or workspace with references to their favorite Christmas characters.

Go crazy with your ideas! Whatever theme you come up with, make sure it's something people will want for the office Christmas party. Ultimately, the best theme for an office Christmas party is one that all employees will enjoy. Check out more office Christmas party ideas here and here!

Office Christmas Party Decorations Ideas On A Budget

So, what do we need to do to throw an office Christmas party to remember? You’ve got your theme ready, set a guestlist, organize a Secret Santa for everyone, and secure tasty finger foods for everybody. Once you’ve had all these set, it's time to decorate!

You don’t need to break the bank to throw a party in style. It’s only a matter of securing the best wholesale Christmas decorations at the cheapest prices and learning how to mix and match. Here are some office holiday party decoration ideas – with links to our best CV Linens products – that will surely make your holiday party a hit.

Never go wrong with Green and Red 

christmas stockings

If you’re preparing a Christmas table where guests can party in style, you can't go wrong with a green and red ensemble to set the Christmas mood. For a simple yet elegant vibe, you can opt for this emerald green velvet table runner. You can pair this with an Organza chair sash in Apple Red or Glitz Sequin Stretch Spandex Banquet Chair Cover for that classic red and green combo. 

If you’re having a Secret Santa, you can hang these Red Glitz Sequin Christmas Stocking where employees can place and receive gifts from each other.

Glimmery Decor for a Glitzy Christmas Tree 

christmas tree skirt

To add some shine to your Christmas tree set-up you can choose to add this Glitz Sequin Tree Skirt under your tree. It’s 48 inches in diameter and comes in three colors for some colorful shine. You can also opt to add Christmas lights and Gold Large Glitter Hollow Christmas Leaves to elevate the overall look of your tree

The Perfect Holiday Table Set-up 

christmas table settings

If you’re looking to add some glam to your table consider these perfectly affordable tableware decors. A candle-lit Christmas party with this Candelabra Centerpiece with Hanging Crystals would be sure to spark some reaction from your guests. Pair them with these silver crystal napkin rings and Venetian acrylic placemats to elevate your table set-up. Of course, what’s a table set up without dinnerware? 

A feast for the eyes, these clear and gold-trimmed hammered disposable plastic plates. These come in 40 pieces per pack and will surely have your guests up for second servings! 

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