What Should I Look For In A Tablecloth?

Table linens are a crucial element in setting the perfect ambiance for any event. The right table linen can transform any space. We’re here to answer your questions on what you should look for in a tablecloth. Learning how to choose tablecloths for your event need not be a hassle with our guide.

white folded tablecloth


Choosing the right fabric is important in choosing your tablecloth. Before making a choice, consider what type of event you’re planning. Different materials have unique characteristics that you have to consider.

Certain fabrics, like polyester, are better suited for heavy-duty use for events such as large parties. For upscale events luxurious fabrics, such as satin, exude an elegant feel that elevates your event space.

Polyester 120" Round Tablecloth - White
Satin 120" Round Tablecloth - Dark Turquoise
Velvet 132" Round Tablecloth - Champagne


Another thing to consider when choosing tablecloths is their design. Tablecloths come in a wide range of designs from solid colors to intricate prints. If you’re wondering how to choose a tablecloth color, here are some basic tips to keep in mind.

For formal occasions, opt for neutrals like black, white, and gray. You can also go for deep colors like emerald green, burgundy, or navy blue. For casual parties, choose light and fun colors to complement the formality of your event. You can even experiment with bold designs.

Tablecloth designs add a touch of whimsy and class to your setups. Intricate designs such as French toile tablecloths can be eye-catching backdrops to your event. 

French Toile 120" Round Tablecloth - Blue
French Toile 120" Round Tablecloth - Coral

When choosing tablecloth designs, be sure to keep your event theme in mind. Go for tablecloths that match or complement your design choices to create a cohesive look for your event.

Dimensions and Shape

Choosing tablecloth sizes to fit your needs is important to get the aesthetic you want. Matching your tablecloths to your chosen tables is important. Table shapes correspond to what tablecloth you will need.

Depending on the event, you may need longer tablecloths. For casual events, the standard is for tablecloths to hang 6” to 8”, while for formal events, the standard is 10” to 12”. 

For a more in-depth guide dealing with table and tablecloth sizes, you can refer to our tablecloth size guide. Decide whether you’ll need rectangular tablecloths or round tablecloths. Working with rectangular tables and oval tables will need different tablecloth shapes to match. Whatever the shape may be, measure your tables well to get the right fit.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Another detail to consider is the maintenance of table linens. Spandex is machine washable and easy to maintain, while certain fabrics may require dry cleaning or delicate handwashing. Keep this in mind when choosing your tablecloths. Another factor to consider is how frequently you plan on using your linens.

Proper care of your tablecloths expands their lifespan and ensures they are pristine for your events.

Party in Style with the Right Tablecloths 

Tablecloths are a great way to instantly dress up your space. It not only serves the practical purpose of protecting your tables from stains but also allows you to add a dash of color and style to your party. 

We’ve gone through our quick guide on what to look for in tablecloths. Decide how to choose a tablecloth that’s perfect for your dining tables. Buy bulk tablecloths for parties year-round to save on wholesale prices.

Create a dining space that’s luxurious and elegant. Dine in style and make memories with loved ones to last a lifetime.

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