Key Advantages Of Using Spandex Event Linens

When table linens are mentioned, more than likely cloth linens will be the first thing that comes to mind. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, if you’re an event planner preparing for the wedding of the century, you will start thinking about spandex event linens.

Practical and very easy to use, spandex or stretch linens offer great benefits that cloth event decor does not. Although stretch linens are very similar, we should get one thing straight, all Lycra products are spandex but not all spandex products are Lycra! Spandex is the universal known name for the stretchy fibers and Lycra is a brand name, nonetheless, both terms have become interchangeable! 

Whether you know them as spandex, lycra, or stretch linens, we are sure you know how amazing spandex linens are. If you don’t then allow us to share all the advantages spandex event decor has to offer!

Why Spandex Event Linens?

Planning special events takes time, patience, and a little luck. Regardless of how many years of event planning experience you have, there will always be a host of last-minute adjustments that need to be completed. Getting the job done right means looking for helpful shortcuts and choosing your favorite linens for event planning! When it comes to the table decor, finding easy to use event linens is always a plus, even better, choosing wrinkle-free table linens either for your rectangular, round, or cocktail tables will offer maximum effects and minimal effort!

Table decor with spandex table cover.

Tradition may dictate the use of polyester tablecloths for the great low prices and the large array of colors. Polyester tablecloths also certainly offer some stain resistance and are generally acknowledged as easier to clean than other materials like satin or taffeta. That said, cloth or polyester linens have to be carefully ironed or steamed to remove wrinkles!

In comparison, spandex tablecloths also sometime known as elastic table cover will be the easiest event linens to work with! Stretch spandex linens can easily be machine washed in cold water and they are less likely to wrinkle. They also provide a better fit around any table for a modern feel that polyester simply can’t compete with! Additionally, the tight weave of spandex ensures there are no trailing fabrics, dramatically reducing the risk of accidents during the event.

In short, polyester has its place, but so does spandex and its place is at your next event!

2-Way stretch Vs 4-Way stretch

No, they are not new yoga poses, 2-way and 4-way stretch refer to direction materials can be stretched in. This can be stretching either widthwise, lengthwise, or both.

spandex event linen stretches
4 way stretch cocktail table

Most stretch fabrics offer a 2-way stretch, this means the fabric will stretch in one direction at a time, either lengthwise or widthwise. Because this is one of the most popular and common options, 2-way stretch linens are more economical.

In contrast, 4way stretch spandex linens mean that they can be pulled in all directions at the same time. Four-way stretch can move widthwise and lengthwise at the same time, making it that much easier to use. In comparison with 2-way stretch items, 4-way stretch items will return to their original shape much faster and there will be less chance of it ripping or creating wrinkles. 

Fantastic Spandex Features

It can be difficult to make everything match when planning an event. But, with such an extensive range of spandex event decor, this is a problem of the past!

Transforming unsightly banquet or folding chairs will be a snap with the help of chair covers and chair bands. Spandex fitted tablecloths look great by themselves but can be easily dressed up, creating the stunning table designs you’ve always dreamed of.  From adding a simple table runner over rectangular spandex table cover for buffet tables to the addition of table skirts on round spandex table covers to create a stunning dessert table, spandex linens are versatile, practical, and stylish!

Spandex fitted table linens

But that is not all, let’s take a look at even more amazing features!

  • Easy to set up:  You know the scene, you’re running late or a huge party event or trade shows to set up with limited time. Stretch spandex tablecloths, fitted spandex banquet chair covers, spandex folding chair covers and other linens simply slide over the tables or chairs, dramatically decreasing the setup time! The reinforced pockets for the legs of tables and chairs ensure the items remain in place, increasing the ease of use particularly beneficial on windy days.
  • Economical: Spandex linens are as affordable as any other type of linen. That means you can gain the advantages of a premium product without the premium price tag! 

  • Durable: Spandex fabric is tough, being able to stretch in several directions means it can handle anything you and your guests throw at it. It will even retain its original shape making it a great investment to be used over and over again. 

  • Easy to clean: Avoiding the need for expensive dry cleaning sessions, standard spandex linens are machine washable in cool water and tumble dried on low heat! The quick cleaning process means you can repeatedly reuse these linens, making it an even better investment! While simple to clean, the only exception to being machine washable and dryable will be the luxurious sequin embellished spandex linens. In order to preserve their beauty, spot cleaning is best. 

  • Wrinkle-free: If you’ve ever used cloth linens you know how long the ironing process can take. Spandex removes this issue! Thanks to the stretch properties, you simply stretch it over and presto, no wrinkles! 

all white table linens
  • Sleek & modern:  The modern and contemporary style offered by stretch linens makes it perfect to be used at any event. It’s also safety conscious as the fitted elastic linens prevent it from dragging on the floor avoiding safety issues. 
  • Popular color choices:  Spandex can be created in virtually any color, there probably isn’t a color you can think of that hasn’t been used in a spandex product. It’s worth noting that because extra pigmentation is added to ensure the chosen color is right when it’s stretched, unstretched products may look darker than when stretched. 
gold chair bands
gold organza chair sash
pink chair sashes
gray cocktail table linens

  • For all events styles: Spandex linens are available in a huge array of colors, shapes, and styles that can be used for any event theme. From baby showers, quinceaneras, weddings, graduations, trade show, company parties and much more, there will always be a spandex item that can be used to achieve a perfect finish, regardless of what event you’re planning! 

  • Storage and transportation: While larger linens like 8ft spandex covers or 6ft spandex table linens are rather large when put on, surprisingly only a small amount of space will be needed to store and transport dozens of spandex table covers or chair covers. On top of that spandex is also very light making the transportation that much easier!

Finishing The Table

styling table setup

Considering the many advantages spandex linens offer, using spandex to decorate your next event makes sense!  They’ll last for many uses, will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to set up a venue, and they can be easily accessorized to create the perfect finish. 

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