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Ultimate Guide to Banquet Chair Covers

Banquet chair covers and accents are a decorator’s perfect tool to transform any event space into something truly magical. Unfortunately, the chair selection at banquet halls is generally lackluster at best, dinged up and mismatched at worst. 

However, by covering this eyesore with a banquet chair cover, your chairs then complement the rest of your setting rather than detract from it. Chair covers are available in various patterns, colors, and materials, making it easy to find a complementary look to your theme. 

Choosing a suitable chair cover from a huge collection of wholesale chair covers from CV Linens can get quite overwhelming. Still, the main factors to consider include banquet chair size, theme, color, and fabric. 

CV Linens gives the complete dimensions of the chairs you can use our covers on. Depending on your theme, you can pick the appropriate material and color, like how blush pink chair covers are suitable for baby showers, bridal showers, and weddings. 

Here are some stunning suggestions and options to inspire your banquet chair cover ideas and event seating!

Spandex Chair Cover

Banquet Chair Cover Guide Spandex - CV Linens

Spandex chair covers retain maximum shape and flexibility while also maintaining a sophisticated elegance. These chair covers expand effortlessly to adjust the size of nearly any chair shape. This versatility makes these splendid covers an instant fan favorite, like how black chair covers spandex easily fits into formal corporate events or charity galas. They can be layered and styled countless ways, and their design comes in a refreshing diversity of designs.

Our plain and Ruched Chair Covers look classic, too, when paired with chair sashes and ties. Meanwhile, the flowing glamor of our Swag Back Chair Covers is captivating as a solo element. This decorative chair cover demurely plays up the importance of proper seating for your guests.

As a bonus, spandex chair covers are easy to clean and reuse. With a wide selection of sizes and covers, you can surely find one that perfectly fits your venue's color palette as chair decorations. Truly, our spandex banquet chair cover turns ordinary chairs into works of art.


Spandex Banquet Chair Cover - WhiteSwag Back Ruched Spandex Banquet Chair Cover - BlackRuched Fashion Spandex Banquet Chair Cover - IvorySpandex Banquet Chair Cover - Navy BlueSpandex Banquet Chair Cover - STRIPE Black & WhiteRuched Fashion Spandex Banquet Chair Cover - Champagne

Polyester Chair Covers

Banquet Chair Cover Guide Polyester - CV Linens

Polyester chair covers are extremely popular at wedding venues. They are quick and easy to set up and come in your basic color palettes of white, black, and ivory. Their ability to seamlessly blend in with your decor scheme and their cheap prices make them a winner!

This banquet chair cover comes in two types. There is the economy at approximately 125 GSM, and the standard at approximately150 GSM. This style requires the basic care of being ironed prior to use. Afterwards, simply slip over the top of chairs to make a positive impression. You can do all this while still staying within your budget.


Polyester Banquet Chair Cover - WhiteSwag Back Ruched Spandex Banquet Chair Cover - BlackEconomy Polyester Banquet Chair Cover - Light IvoryPolyester Banquet Chair Cover - IvoryPolyester Banquet Chair Cover - BlackEconomy Polyester Banquet Chair Cover - White

Glitz Sequin Chair Accents

Banquet Chair-Cover Guide Glitz Accents - CV Linens

Our Glitz Sequin Line is mostly used in conjunction with a solid colored chair cover like spandex. When paired, the glamor of sequins plays up the simple refinement of spandex. This coupling adds an extra element of design that attractively matches other specialty linens. As a result, you can observe a cohesive ornament. 

To add the overlay, just slip over the top of the chair. Then voila, you now have a stunning seating arrangement that requires minimal ironing. Plus, it comes in a wide array of sizes and styles.


Glitz Sequin Spandex Chair Band - Light Turquoise Banquet Sparkle Glitz Sequin Chair Slip Cover - GoldGlitz Ruffle Sequin Spandex Chair Band Sash - Blush/Rose Gold Glitz Sequin Spandex Chair Band - BlackBanquet Sparkle Glitz Sequin Chair Slip Cover - Navy Blue Glitz Ruffle Sequin Spandex Chair Band Sash - Silver

Curly Willow Banquet Chair Cover

Banquet Chair Cover Guide Curly Willow

If you are ready to go full-on fairy tale, our Curly Willow Line is just the embellishment you need! From a full cascade of curling willow to a romantic sash, this luxurious style knows how to make a scene. Creating a totally dramatic appearance, your guests won’t be able to stop marveling at the festive mood of your event!

Curly Willow is well suited to pair with our spandex chair cover decorations, and their set-up is just as straightforward. To prep them for use, simply iron or steam them to their full glory. Our comprehensive line of colors and designs make it a breeze to customize different themes and color palettes. Their sumptuous appearance makes them perfect for spotlighting your event’s color theme.


Curly Willow Chair Sash - White Curly Willow Chair Sash - Victorian LilacWisteria/Victorian LilacCurly Willow Chair Sash - Turquoise Curly Willow Chair Sash - Royal BlueCurly Willow Chair Sash - Blush/Rose Gold Curly Willow Chair Sash - Champagne

Satin Universal Self-tie Chair Covers

Banquet Chair Cover Guide Satin Universal - CV Linens

For anyone who loves the decadent look of silk, the Satin Universal Self Tie Chair Covers lend an enhanced aesthetic. Many reception halls and catered events prefer universal chair covers because of their many uses. They make excellent drapes for almost any chair type including folding, chiavari, and banquet. The lustrous glossy texture of satin makes it an excellent decor choice to coordinate with other elements of your theme.

While this banquet chair cover pattern or style is a self-tie design, don’t let the extra set-up sway you from this cover’s sublime elegance. Our YouTube tutorial will show you exactly how to easily create a show stopping look for your chairs. Care is minimal, requiring only ironing to smooth to perfection and this look is available in an amazing variety.


Universal Satin Self Tie Chair Cover - White Universal Satin Self Tie Chair Cover - Plum/EggplantUniversal Satin Self Tie Chair Cover - Fuchsia Universal Satin Self Tie Chair Cover - IvoryUniversal Satin Self Tie Chair Cover - Navy Blue Universal Satin Self Tie Chair Cover - Black

Why Choose Our Chair Covers

The alluring material, rich colors and enchanting style statement of banquet seat covers is stunning. They work to instantly heighten the elegance of any plain and boring banquet or wedding chairs for eye-catching glitz. Our banquet chair covers for sale in bulk to Canada and the US will undoubtedly make the highest impression. On top of that, you can enjoy more savings when you get our CV Linen discounts, from Deals of the Week to free shipping for orders that reach $99 and up.

When it is time to put a banquet chair cover away, you must fold it properly in storage to maintain its pristine, elegant look for your next events. Follow these steps: 

  • Lay the cover flat on a flat surface with its decorative side face down. Smooth it out.
  • Fold the cover in half, aligning both edges, resulting in a rectangular shape. 
  • Fold it in half once again, creating a smaller square shape. 
  • Depending on your storage space, you may fold the chair cover one more time. 
  • Store the neatly folded chair cover.

Looking for more design tips on chair back cover and tablescapes? Follow us on Pinterest! We’re always pinning new and trending decor inspiration for all event types.

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