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The Deal with Different Dye Lots

The Deal with Different Dye Lots

At CV Linens we field a lot of questions about shade differences or subtle color differences across our wholesale linens line. We would like to help you understand this phenomenon so we can help ensure your special occasion decor is absolute perfection!


Wholesale Linens Can Come From Different Dye Lots?

When we place an order for wholesale linens with our manufacturer, each item comes in a batch, or “lot”. A lot is what we call the material that has been dyed a respective color. When we run out of an item we have to place a new order with our manufacturer to get more in stock. This means the new lot of material has to be dyed before it’s made into our specific wholesale linens. Factors such as temperature, pigment ratios, barometric pressure, and flow of the fabric all affect the color result. Because these variables are virtually impossible to control, dye lots are nearly identical in color but never a true 100% match as previous batches. All wholesale linens manufacturers experience the same process with dye lots.


What is a Shade Difference?

When you place an order with us we go above and beyond to ensure you’re happy with your products. A shade difference occurs when there are multiple dye lots in our wholesale linens inventory. A shade difference can also occur when items from the same dye lot differ slightly. Before an order is shipped out, our Quality Control Team gives your order a final inspection to be sure everything matches. If a shade difference is detected in your order we will contact you the same day it is discovered. We will email you photos of the two colors next to each other, and place a hold on shipping your items. Once you see the shade difference yourself, you’re able to decide how you would like to proceed with your order. You may either confirm the shade difference is good to ship, or remove the items from your order. This inspection process saves our customers hours of unexpected surprises, headaches, and having ship an order back to us.


What If The Colors Aren’t Alike at All?

A shade difference implies the colors are only a few shades lighter or darker. In other words, a slight or subtle difference in shade, but still in the realm of what you’re after. In the unlikely event that a color should come back from from our manufacturer as a completely unexpected or unmatchable shade we will never try to pass off the defective color as the color you were expecting.


How can I avoid different Dye Lots?

If you’re ordering multiple items of the same color, there is no way to avoid receiving items from two different dye lots. However, there are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of shade differences. By ordering all of your items at the same time, it is more probable that all of your items will come from what we have in our current stock. This means your items will likely all be from the same dye lot. By ordering items over a longer period of time it increases the chances of receiving items from different dye lots. When you space out our orders for items that are the the same color, it is more likely an original dye lot will sell out. Depending on the popularity of a product our stock can sell out within anywhere from a week to a few months.


Feel overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we can help.

We know dye lots and shade differences can be a bit staggering, our Customer Care Team is here to help! For answers to any of your Shade Difference questions, get in touch by either phone, email, or live chat. We’ll be more than happy to assist you! We can also provide photos of our current dye lot before you place your order.