How Often Should Linens Be Washed

Keeping your table linens clean and pristine is crucial to creating a luxurious dining experience at any party. Cleaning linen tablecloth well sets the backdrop for both practical and aesthetic purposes at parties.

Making sure your linens are fresh and clean is the first step in ensuring a luxurious party experience. This might lead you to ask: just how often should you wash table linens?

In this blog, we go through the different factors to consider on how often linens should be washed to keep them clean while making them last for a long time.

Factors Influencing Washing Frequency

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1. Usage Frequency

How often you should wash tablecloths also depends on how often you use them. As a general rule, for party planning and catering services, you should wash your table linens after use. 

For home and everyday use, wash frequency depends on how often you use your tablecloths. As a general rule for everyday tablecloths, you should wash them at least once a month.

If you only bring out your table linens lightly for quick gatherings, you can use them once or twice before washing to get the most out of every wash. Of course, this also depends on the condition after each use.

Assess the cleanliness of your table linens. Washing your everyday tablecloths can also mean more wear and tear and a shorter life span for your linens. Strike a balance to make your table linens last long.

2. Type of Event

For formal events, you’ll always want to use newly washed linens. Make sure to wash your formal event party linens after each use. These are usually more prone to spills from drinks that stain like wine. Frequent washing for formal event linens helps ensure they last longer.

For casual event linens or even for moderate-usage table linens, you can wash them once every two weeks or at least once a month. Do make sure to spot-treat any stains to keep them from setting in the fabric.

3. Environmental Factors 

Another factor to consider is the environment in which you use your table linens. Are your linens exposed to extreme heat, dust, or humidity? Outdoor table linens may need more frequent cleaning and washing compared to indoor linens because of added environmental factors that cause dirt and stains.

Guidelines for Washing

As a general rule wash moderate-usage and everyday usage table linens at least once every month. For formal party linens, wash them after every use, promptly after each event. For table linens used outdoors, wash more frequently depending on environmental factors.

For everyday table linens, you can use spot treatment to immediately address stains. This way you can get rid of stains even if you wash your linens once each month. 

Assess your table linens frequently. You may also wash everyday-use tablecloths after two to three weeks to maintain hygiene. Frequent routine washing is important especially for white tablecloths to keep them from turning yellow.

For specific linen items used in parties, here is a general guide for washing frequency. 


  • For tablecloths, wash them after each use to make sure they’re clean before and after food contact. 
  • For table napkins, it is also best to wash them after each event as these come in contact with guests’ mouths. 
  • For chair covers, wash after two to three uses or if it is visibly soiled. 


These linens are usually left clean as they don’t come in contact with food. Be sure to inspect and assess your linens carefully before and after every use.

Tips for Prolonging Time Between Washes

To keep from washing your table linens too often, here are some tips to prolong the time between each wash.

First, consider using protective layers. You can use table runners or placemats to keep spills off tablecloths.

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You can also use charger plates to catch food spills from your guests’ plates. This helps keep food from staining your tablecloths.

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Second, make sure to keep your table linens clean before storage. Make sure to put them in clean and safe storage. This way, you can be sure to have clean linens you don’t have to wash in between storage. This will also keep mold or mildew from forming to help your linens last longer. 

Party in Style with Pristine Table Linens

Throwing a party with pristine table linens is key to having a delightful dining experience. Making sure you wash your linens at the proper time will help you meet health and safety standards. Not only is this a good way to maintain hygiene, but clean linens are also a must for aesthetic considerations.

Use this simple guideline on how often you should wash table linens to make sure you get pristine linens for your party and everyday use. Dine with loved ones in style and create memories to last a lifetime.

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