How to Fold Linen Napkins

Wholesale napkins are a popular choice with event planners and organizers as their durability allows for multiple uses. Without proper care, they may not last as long as they are designed to. 

Learning how to properly fold and store your napkins is essential to keeping them in pristine condition. In this post, we’ll go over how to fold linen napkins, to ensure they last a long time and are ready for any event. 

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Folding Linen Napkins for Decor

Linen napkins are simple yet highly effective decor pieces to make your dining experience a lot better.


One of the simplest ways to fold your tablecloth is to use the sail fold.

To start, lay your table napkin flat then fold it in half horizontally. The next thing to do is fold the top right corner down the center point of the bottom of your rectangle.

After, fold the top left corner down into the center point as well. Flip the napkin over and fold it in half along the center, giving you a smaller triangle.

Place the folded napkin upright to form a sail-like shape. Place on your table setting and decorate with flowers and greenery.


Another simple design is to fold your table napkin using the cone method.

First, lay your napkin flat on a table with the front side face down then fold your napkin in half. 

Put the open end away from you. After, fold it again in half and make sure to put the open end facing away. Take the top layer and fold it all the way forward.

Next, flip the napkin and fold the left side over two-thirds of the way. Then fold the right side two-thirds of the way to overlap the left-side fold. 

Tuck the corner of the napkin into the left side flap to secure. Then, you have a cone napkin fold you can design with florals or greenery.

Three-Point Fold

Place your napkin flat with the front side facing downward. Then, fold it in half diagonally. Place the open side toward you so that the triangle faces down. Take the right corner and fold to the left.

Take the new right corner again and fold to the left to get a shape similar to a necktie. This will give you a three-point fold napkin you can embellish with florals or with a napkin ring on top.

Flatware Pocket

The flatware pocket design is a nice way to learn how to fold table napkins with silverware.

The first thing you need to do is to place your napkin flat, with the front side facing downward. Fold the napkin in half with the open end facing down toward you. Then, fold the napkin again in half.

Take the top layer and fold halfway downward and diagonally. Next, turn your napkin over so the open corner faces away and to the right.

Fold the right side of the napkin toward the center, one-third of the way. Take the leftist side and also fold it one-third of the way toward the center.

Flip your folded napkin to reveal a neatly folded pocket. Insert your silverware into the pocket and decorate with herbs, greenery, and florals. 

How to Fold Napkins for Storage

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The first step in ensuring proper care for your linen napkins is to make sure that they are clean. Before you fold and store them, clean your napkins by putting them through a thorough cleanse in the washing machine. Remember to air dry your napkins to avoid any mildew or mold growth when storing.

Once your napkins are completely dry it’s to go over folding linen napkins and storage maintenance.

1. Ironing

Iron your napkins before storage will help you avoid wrinkles and creases while they’re stored away. This is a crucial step since ironing them will flatten the napkins to help you maximize the space when storing.

2. Folding 

Once you’ve ironed your napkins, folding is a simple task. Lay them on a clean and flat surface and fold horizontally, continue folding horizontally two more times.

3. Storage

Once you’ve folded your napkins prepare a storage container, we recommend using a container with an easy open top. Prepare a storage container that will fit the number of napkins you need to store.

For an added layer of security to your napkins, cut out a rectangle piece of acid-free tissue paper and place it between the napkins as you store them. This will help avoid any color bleeding among napkins when stored for a long time.

4. Maintenance

Once you have all your napkins in the storage container, make sure to put them away in a cool and dry area. Avoid damp areas as this may lead to mildew and mold growth.

To avoid this, we suggest storing your napkins for no more than two months before taking them out and reapplying the storage process. 

For a visual demonstration, you can view our cloth napkin storage guide cloth napkin storage guide.

Design Options For Linen Napkins

Now that you’ve learned proper storage for your napkins, learn design options that will make them stand out for your next event. Whether you want to learn how to fold linen napkins for weddings or how to fold linen napkins with silverware, we’ve got you covered.

Classic napkin folds like the rectangular and envelope folds are perfect ways to bring more life to your dining table. For a bolder choice, incorporate napkin folds into your silverware by utilizing the silverware pouch fold.

For weddings, trendy folds such as the knot fold and the half wrap fold can serve as a beautiful accent to your dining setup on your special day. For more in-depth wedding napkin folds you may refer to our wedding napkin guide.

How you set your table is an important element in your event decor. Whether you opt for simple tablecloths or incorporate intricate charger plates, at CV Linens the possibilities are endless.

Table napkins may be a simple decor piece but you can get creative to elevate your table setting. Now that we've learned the ways to fold linen napkins for design and storage.

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