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5 Trendy Wedding Napkin Folds

From chic knotted napkins to modern tri-fold pocket napkins and everything in between, these five trending napkin folds for weddings will assure you create a personalized wedding reception that is tailored to your unique theme for that major wow factor with guests.

Playing around with your wedding table setting is the easiest way to achieve chic glam and make your wedding reception stand out. 

To begin, you must first understand the basics of setting a formal table. The basic components required for any sit-down dinner include dinnerware, flatware, glassware, linens, menu cards/place cards, flowers, crystal wedding centerpieces, and seating arrangements.

Essentials for Putting Together A Formal Wedding Place Setting

Traditionally, formal dinners involve a minimum of three courses, but many brides are opting for a more casual buffet-style reception. However you plan for the meal to proceed, providing your guests with the proper serveware is vital.

Depending on what you are planning to serve, the list of items you may need can include bread and butter plates, salad plates, as well as the main dinner plates and fancy charger plates that go underneath. When it comes to utensils, the essentials generally always consist of an array of knives, forks, and spoons. Glassware itself can extend to goblets or the more classic beverage glasses. 

On top of everything, you need to consider having a relevant event draping & background and consider incorporating wedding arch backdrop and wedding flower walls, among others.

The types of table linen you can choose are far-reaching and can include tablecloths, overlays, and table runners, with chair decor encompassing covers, sashes, and caps

One linen in particular that might be overlooked in the grand scheme of things is the napkin. While small, the linen napkin plays a critical role in your guests' dinner proceedings, but it also can have a huge impact on your tablescape presentation as a whole.

The art of folding napkins for weddings is definitely an easy way to personalize your tables and capture your desired theme, especially at wedding dinners. From crafting rustic, chic wedding napkins to modern napkin folds, with help from our easy DIY napkin folding guide, the process can be as easy as tying your shoe.

When it comes to the proper placement of a napkin for a wedding, etiquette dictates that it should be positioned on the left side of the place setting. The fold should face the center of the table, ensuring a neat and polished appearance. Placing the napkin in this manner allows guests to easily access it and ensures that it remains tidy throughout the meal. 

Read on to find out about the different wedding napkin folding techniques, and be sure to note that these folds can be done with any napkin material including those like polyester, Lamour, and satin.

Napkin Knot Fold

Napkin Fold #1 - The Knot Fold

The knot napkin fold is a simple yet beautiful way to accent your tablescape. This versatile and charming fold is perfect for a rustic or traditional wedding and works beautifully as an eye-catching feature that adds a little touch of curiosity to the table. Add a sprig of greenery for a lovely, refreshing look!

Ivory Napkin

1. Take your ironed napkin print side down and fold the two corners diagonally so that they overlap in the center of the napkin.

Ivory Napkin Fold

2. Starting from the edge closest to you, fold the napkin three times horizontally until you are left with the napkin forming a straight line.

Ivory Napkin Knot

3.  Finish by overlapping the two ends of the napkin, then tuck one of the ribbon edges through the center loop, tugging each side gently to create a knot.


Top Knot Fold

Napkin Fold #2 - The Top Knot Fold

Napkins of a coordinating color scheme tied into a simple top knot fold and paired with elegant flatware pull together a wedding palette with casual grace.

Velvet Napkin

1. Start by laying your napkin upside down on a flat surface. Grab one corner of the napkin with your right hand and pull the napkin through your left hand until you read the mid-point of the napkin. 

Wrap Napkin Around

2.  With your left hand still grasping the napkin, use your right hand to wrap the free end around your left index finger which will form the beginning of the knot. 

Velvet Napkin Top Knot Fold

3. Push the free end through the loop you just created with your finger, pull the napkin all the way through and tighten or loosen the knot until you achieve the effect you desire.


Pink Table Napkin

Napkin Fold #3 - Half Wrap Fold

An easy finishing touch for any formal or informal setting, this fold can be dressed up or down. Whether you tuck silverware into the folds or springs of mint and lavender or even leave plain with but a simple ribbon tying the look together, the results are stunning.

Lamour Napkin Blush

1. Lay an ironed square napkin on a flat surface and fold it in half horizontally.

Fold Napkin Vertically

2. Next, fold the napkin about three-quarter of the way vertically.

Napkin Ring

3. Lastly, loosely gather the center of your napkin using a ribbon or napkin ring for an elegant finish.


Layered Napkin Fold

Napkin Fold #4 - Layered Pocket Fold

A layered pocket fold brings a streamlined sophistication to any place setting by creating a unified place for your menu card and or cutlery to be gathered into one entity. It is one of the most elegant napkin fold designs.

Faux Gray Napkin

1. Lay the napkin on a flat surface, and fold it in half twice until your napkin makes a perfect square. Take the first and second layer of the corner and bring them down leaving about half an inch of space between each layer.

Faux Gray Napkin Fold

2. Next, flip the napkin over so it makes a diamond shape with the corners you just folded over at the bottom. Fold the left side corner of the napkin underneath the it to create a flat edge.

Faux Gray Napkin Corner Fold

3. Lastly, fold over the right side of the side corner so that both corners meet underneath the napkin and the fold has an event point both at the top and bottom of your fold. You can make this fold wider or thinner by adjusting the back corners. 


Modern Pocket Tri-Fold

Napkin Fold #5 - Modern Pocket Tri-fold

This tri-fold napkin is a modern and classic napkin fold style for weddings that goes beyond the standard to curate a tailored look. Imparting instant visual interest, this unique fold adds a perfect sense of depth and character to your reception tables.

Polyester Champagne Napkin

1. Start with your napkin face down on and grab your napkin on both sides lightly lifting it close to the center and fold it over to create a pleat.

Fold Napkin in Middle

2. While holding the first fold in place, make another fold by tucking the napkin underneath until you have a center fold. For a more crisp and defined fold you can iron the fold into your napkin.

Flip Napkin Over

3. Flip the napkin around while keeping your fold in place and fold the right side over two-thirds of the way and then fold the left side over the left side and flip it to reveal your modern tri-fold pocket design. 


Setting Table Tone

Set the Table and the Tone

You don't need to attend an origami class to learn how to craft elegant napkin folds to impress your guests on the big day. Our easy step-by-step instructions and helpful how-to videos will have you fashioning modern wedding napkin folds like a pro for any dinner table! 

These napkin-folding ideas provide an easy and fun way to dress up your wedding reception and add that extra-special touch to the day's decor.

Are you a Visual Learner?

Watch our step-by-step video tutorial on how to easily create all 5 of these trendy wedding napkin fold ideas!

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