A Kid’s Halloween Party for Your Little Monsters!

A Kid’s Halloween Party for Your Little Monsters!

Kid's Halloween Party with Orange Curly Willow Orange Taffeta Tablecloth Black Organza Polka Dots with Orange Lamour Satin Napkin

“You want me to go to the store…and buy all of your Halloween stuff?!”

I squatted down to eye level with my four and half year old, hoping she could see the hurt and desperation in my eyes. She shrugged and went back to playing with the little toys she scored from the shopping trip.

“They have way cool Ghostbusters costumes! I love them.”

Okay. I could handle this. I could still change her mind and turn this ship around.

“I can make you a cool Ghostbuster costume! I can make you one of the suits like the old Ghostbusters, or a Ghostbuster tutu or something. We can make Ghostbuster treats for your class or-”

“Hey Mom, I want to get these Halloween candy things from the store for my school party. Okay?” She told me without looking up.

“What? You don’t want me to make Pumpkin Cupcakes or-”

This time it was my partner who interrupted. “For real! You should come to the store with us and look at the Halloween candy things she’s talking about? They’re so cute, and they’re already individually wrapped so you won’t be up all night before the kid’s Halloween party like last year!”

My little monster has officially begun outgrowing the homemade human touches of Halloween.

Am I bitter that the store has become cooler than the Mom? Hardly. Okay, maybe a little.

There’s No Better Excuse for Over-the-Top Decor than a Kid’s Halloween Party

There’s no doubt that time flies, one moment you are hand-dying a leotard the right shade of orange then hand painting the stripes onto a tiger costume. You may find yourself painstakingly tying tiny white bowties onto Ghost Lollipops the night before the Kid’s Halloween Party. The next thing you know, you are being demoted to making the shopping list for the Ghostbusters costume and individually wrapped high-fructose corn syrup treats.

My tactic for striking back?

"I will create the most magical, fully loaded Halloween Kid’s Party ever!"

If you have ever looked at some of our decorations or linens and thought “These are great! But the color? The fluff? When would I ever use it?” Decorations that read as too much for an adult’s fete can be great fun at a kiddo’s get-together.


Kid's Halloween Party Inspirations

Kid’s party decor is an amazing excuse anyone who has secretly wished for a reason to buy something like our irresistibly fuzzy Fuchia Zebra Print Flocking Taffeta Table Runner or a Red & White Checkered Glitz Sequin Tablecloth. As with video games or beloved vintage toys you pretend to buy for your children while secretly buying for yourself, stock up when you can, then wait.

An opportunity to use fantastic decorations will always arise!

Recreate this Halloween Kid’s Party Look

My take on a Halloween kid’s party decor has the traditional Halloween black and bright orange with fun textures to spare!

You can create this kid’s Halloween party look by beginning with Orange Taffeta Tablecloths and Orange Lamour Satin Chair Sashes. Taffeta is the perfect shade of jack o’ lantern orange and provides the best base for adding Curly Willow! After you’ve added your freshly ironed Orange Taffeta Tablecloth to the table, layer a Black Polka Dot Flocking Overlay over the table, (the kids will love the fuzzy 3D dots) then secure the overlay with Velcro Table Clips. Once your clips are set, you’re ready to add a Orange Curly Willow Table Skirt. Trust me, the twists and turns of this table skirt will have the kiddo’s filled with ooh’s and aah’s!

Finish off your Halloween look with Black Curly Willow Chair Sashes and Orange Curly Willow Chair Sashes, Black Vintage Charger Plates, and these darling Halloween printables from Catch My Party!

What do you think?

Should I surrender to sharing with Halloween with the store?

Uhhh…that is, I mean, what do you think of the Curly Willow Halloween Kid’s Party look?

Cherish your Little Monsters, go all out for their Halloween parties now!

You never can tell what traditions they’ll outgrow by next Halloween.


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