Lavender & Geometric Cake Table

Lavender & Geometric Cake Table

lavender tablecloth greek key cake tablelavender tablecloth greek key cake table

Try a Lavender Tablecloth with Patterned Accents!


In celebration of our spring colors, we have fused together two of this year’s biggest color trends! We by paired a pastel with a geometric patterns for a gorgeous, understated cake table. This trendy look is perfect for your wedding, bat mitzvah, birthday party, or even an Easter brunch!

A lavender tablecloth with gray accents is a tried and true modern wedding combination. We have seen this trend cropping up everywhere from the runway to home decor. This look is sure to take this year’s wedding season by storm! Geometric Patterns have made their way into event decor in a big way. We used a lavender tablecloth paired with a gray Greek Key table runner for the perfect decorative statement.


Putting It All Together

To bring the perfect ambiance for our cake table look, we started out with a Silver Glitz Sequin Drape/Backdrop. We opted for a Cocktail Table, because it’s the optimal table top size to showcase our small, round cake. For a base linen we chose a 120″ Round Satin Tablecloth in Lavender. The choice to use a 120″ Tablecloth may seem like an odd design decision, however the larger tablecloth size gave use the opportunity to twist the fabric around the base of the Cocktail table and create an interesting pooling of fabric at the base of the table.

After we twisted and pooled our base linen, we used a Gray Greek Key Table Runner to wrap around the edge of the cake table. The finishing touch of our Lavender & Geometric Print Spring Cake Table was completing the lux look of our table top with a Victorian Lilac and Lavender Satin Table Runners, loosely coiled around the table top (take special care to hide the edges!)


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