Lavender & Geometric Wedding Cake Table

Lavender & Geometric Wedding Cake Table

Are you getting ready for a special wedding day? Do you want your wedding cake table to be not just delicious but also stunning? Well, you're in the right place because we're going to talk about a lavender and geometric wedding cake table that will make your celebration unforgettable.

Why Choose This Cake Table Decor?

lavender wedding cake table

Lavender is a pretty flower that comes in a soft purple color. It's known for its calming and soothing scent. Using lavender as part of your wedding cake table decor can add a touch of elegance and relaxation to your special day.

The geometric design, on the other hand, is a great way to infuse a unique design into your table setting. The patterns are what you’ll commonly see in a Greek setting, making this the perfect addition to a toga party. Not only that, it can also be used for weddings, bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, or even a simple brunch, among other things!

Try a Lavender Tablecloth with Patterned Accents!

A lavender tablecloth with gray accents is a tried and true modern wedding combination. We have seen this trend cropping up everywhere from the runway to home decor. This look is sure to take this year’s wedding season by storm! 

Geometric Patterns have made their way into event decor in a big way. We used a lavender tablecloth paired with a gray Greek Key table runner for the perfect decorative statement.

How to Create a Lavender & Geometric Wedding Cake Table Ideas

lavender greek cake table

Choose Lavender Decor: Start by selecting lavender flowers or lavender-colored decorations. You can use these on your tablecloth, napkins, or even as a garnish on your cake.

You can also incorporate a cake and cupcake stand with the same color theme to extend the look of your wedding cake table. Alternatively, you can also try using metal cake stands for a different feel.

If you want to go for a more simple look, you can also try our acrylic cake stands. These stands have a space in the base where you can add decorations inside. This can add character to your decor for a more finished look.

Geometric Tableware: Look for tableware like plates, cups, and utensils with geometric designs. These can include shapes like circles, hexagons, or stripes. Keep the colors coordinated with lavender for a harmonious look.

Further, you can also decorate your table by using lavender 120 round tablecloth for round tables or rectangular covers for rectangular tables. 

In addition to using lavender tablecloths, you can also try using lavender napkins to add the small details to complete your event’s set up.

Lavender Wedding Cake: Talk to your baker about creating a lavender-themed wedding cake. This could mean using lavender-colored icing, decorating with lavender flowers, or incorporating geometric patterns into the cake design.

Table Centerpiece: Place a lavender centerpiece in the middle of your cake table. This could be a vase of lavender flowers or even a geometric-shaped decoration. It adds a focal point to your setup.

Lighting: Consider adding soft, lavender-colored lighting to create a romantic atmosphere around your cake table. This can make your lavender and geometric decorations stand out.

Why Is This Cake Table Decoration Idea Great?

Elegance: Lavender and geometric patterns together create an elegant and stylish look for your wedding cake decoration table.

Calming Vibes: Lavender's soothing scent can help you and your guests feel relaxed and enjoy the moment.

Modern Touch: Geometric patterns add a modern and trendy feel to your wedding decor. With this pattern, you can bring the feel of a Greek-inspired theme into your event and still have a nice modern celebration.

Memorable Photos: A lavender and geometric cake table wedding is not only beautiful in person but also looks amazing in wedding photos.

Decorating A Cake Table

To bring the perfect ambiance for this wedding cake table decoration idea, we started out with a Silver Glitz Sequin Drape/Backdrop. We opted for a cocktail table because it’s the optimal tabletop size to showcase our small, round cake. 

For a base linen, we chose a 120″ Round Satin Tablecloth in Lavender. The choice to use a 120″ tablecloth may seem like an odd design decision. However, the larger tablecloth size gave us the opportunity to twist the fabric around the base of the Cocktail table and create an interesting pooling of fabric at the base of the table.

After we twisted and pooled our base linen, we used a Gray Greek Key Table Runner to wrap around the edge of the cake table. The finishing touch of our Lavender & Geometric Print Spring Cake Table was completing the lux look of our tabletop with  Victorian Lilac and Lavender Satin Table Runners, loosely coiled around the tabletop (take special care to hide the edges!).

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