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5 New Wood Centerpieces to Perfect Your Rustic Wedding

Wood Slab FTDwood slab centerpiece

5 Perfect Rustic Wedding Decor for the Perfect Wedding


Wood Slab Centerpiece Bases are the finishing touch you’ve been looking for, now at wholesale pricing!

Searching for the key addition to your woodland or rustic theme tablescape without having to break the bank? Stop looking – we’ve got you covered! Our new line of Basswood Decor will add a touch of country charm to any wedding or special event at a fraction of the price you’d pay retail.

Check out all of our new wooden Basswood centerpiece items by clicking here!


1. Rectangular Tree Slabs

Create wooden wedding table centerpieces from these authentic unblemished wooden planks! Our new Rectangular Tree Slabs, or planks, are an amazing accessory for your woodsy special event. Rectangular tree slabs feature a smooth surface with real tree bark edges.These rectangular wooden slabs are available in small or large sizes so you can customize your decor. Don’t limit these wooden slabs to just centerpiece bases – if you are feeling crafty the tree slabs are perfect for woodburning or painting projects. The plank’s very smooth, flat surface is perfect for creating your centerpiece or using as a serving tray!

2. Rustic Rectangular Tree Slabs

If you prefer your wood slab centerpiece to have a little more rugged charm, go for our Rustic Rectangular Tree Slabs! Our Rustic Rectangular Tree Slabs are available in the same sizes with the same smooth surface as the plain Rectangular Tree Slabs, only with the natural wood imperfections. The rustic style tree items feature the natural knots and blemishes that have formed within the tree.

3. Round Tree Slabs 

How about a real slice of a tree to bring nature to your tablescape? Our Round Tree Slabs look as if you have taken a tree slice, with the bark intact, straight to your table! You can use our Round Tree Slabs as a wood slab centerpiece base or even makeshift charger plates. Try stacking up a few Round Tree Slabs in our varying sizes (we carry sizes from extra small to extra large) to create a stunning, tall centerpiece or dessert display!

4. Rustic Round Tree Slabs

You can expect the same naturally occurring blemishes and homespun details in our Rustic Round Tree Slabs as our Rustic Rectangular Tree Slabs. Rustic Round Tree Slab’s bark edges with natural knots will add realistic touch to your woodland or rustic themed wedding or special event! Rustic Round Tree Slabs provide one more way you can bring a realistic touch of the outdoors to your tablescape.

5. Basswood Tree Sign Stand ↓

Signage is all the rage for wedding decor. With our Basswood Tree Sign Stand, coordinating wooden accents for your wedding has never been easier. After effortlessly sliding the two pieces of the Sign Stand together you are ready to decorate. The stands can be adorned with your table numbers, used to prop up photographs, or even to hold your wedding officiants tablet or reading materials!

What do you think of our new Basswood Decor Line?

We’ve talked a big talk for our newest arrival, but for good reason – we really love this addition to our inventory. Here’s a peek at how CV Linens customer NY Chic Event NY used our wood centerpieces recently at her baby shower!

Are you a fan of Rustic style wood slabs with the natural imperfections, or do you prefer the flawless plain Basswood items? Let me know which wood slab centerpieces are your favorite in the comments below!


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