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10 Ways to Use Wood Slabs in Your Wedding Decor

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There’s just something so very homey and comforting about wood decor. And when it comes to weddings, that’s the exact vibe that many couples want for their big day.

By now, most people have seen the beautiful effect that wood accents can add to an event, but it’s not always common sense how to decorate with them. Here are some wood wedding ideas to use wood slabs and pieces in wedding decor, compiled by the owner of De Luxe Banquet Hall, a popular wedding venue in Los Angeles.

Rustic Placemats

rustic wedding placemats Photo Credit: Jacquelyn Photo

 Photo Credit: jacquelynnphoto.com

There are so many creative things you can do with wood slab placemats since they go perfectly with so many colors and textures. Gold, light blue, red, white, green — even jewel tones like teal and hot pink. 

Wood slab placemats are also very complimentary to both antique-style dishes and tableware and more modern styles. This includes the use of a wood slab for centerpieces or other kinds of table decoration to bring the theme of your event together.

Chalkboard Signs

wooden chalkboard Photo Credit: Weddingomania

Photo Credit: weddingomania.com

One of the most popular things to do with wooden slabs is to turn them into cute chalkboard signs with lovely lettering. We all know that weddings require quite a few signs, from “unplugged wedding” to signature cocktail displays to simple welcome signs. Wooden slabs make the perfect platform for any kind of sign you’ll need.

Dessert Tiers

wedding dessert table

Photo Credit: bridalguide.com

Put a few wooden slabs together to create an adorable dessert tier! As mentioned before, wood compliments colors of all kinds, so your cookies, cupcakes, donuts, and any other dessert will look picture-perfect against it.

“Mr.” and “Mrs.” Signs

Mr and Mrs Signs Photo Credit Wedding Chicks

Photo Credit: weddingchicks.com

The possibilities are endless when you pair wooden slabs with calligraphy. “Mr.” and “Mrs.” signs like these are gorgeous and practical, and they make excellent keepsakes for the newlyweds. They also make great props for wedding portraits!

To complement the wood wedding table decorations, you can add an LED neon wedding sign to bring more life to the overall feel of your decor. 

Tea Light Holders

rustic wedding centerpiece

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Wooden “candlesticks” are incredibly cozy and romantic. Whether they are placed on tables, used to line the room or part of the ceremony, wooden candlesticks like these will create a magical atmosphere.

Another idea is to add tea lights on wedding arch backdrops. This idea can add a different feel for the background, making a more homey look for the main stage that will make it more inviting for guests.

You can use different wedding arch backdrop stands that you may feel fit to your event’s theme. These include open arch stands, and round backdrop stands, among others.

You can also use wholesale candelabras for your event design. You can incorporate the element of wood into the soft light candles to bring to your event a cool and calm feel. 

Centerpieces, Centerpieces, Centerpieces!

wood centerpiece

If wooden slabs have a signature use, it’s definitely centerpieces. Why? Because wooden slabs allow for a lot of variety and creativity.

Thinking of a perfect wood slice centerpiece gives you a lot of options. Because of wood carving techniques, you can simply use any shape or design as wood slice centerpieces. For weddings, it can be the initials of the newlyweds. And for birthdays, it could be the name of the celebrant, or company logos for corporate events.

No matter what your wedding theme or style is, you’ll be able to use wood slabs to match it. They are incredibly compatible with both classic and modern aesthetics, and once again, wood goes hand-in-hand with many color, texture, and floral combinations.

In addition to that, you can also mix and match other materials for a different feel, steering away from the normal rustic look and adding a more modern feel. You can do that by incorporating glass candle holder centerpieces and flower vase centerpieces for an added decor.

Unique Guestbook

Unique Guestbook Photo Credit: Alea Moore

Photo Credit: aleamoore.com

Large wooden slices make outstanding wedding guestbooks. They’re sweet and organic (like your marriage, right?), there’s plenty of room for guests to write, and afterward, they make a warm piece of decor for your home to always remind you of your wedding day.

Log Candle Holders

Birch Log Table Centerpiece Photo Credit: cvlinens.com + refreshliving.us

Photo Credit: cvlinens.com + refreshliving.us

For a piece of wooden decor that always gets a lot of attention, consider log candle holders. They are unique and oh-so-romantic, creating a peaceful, lovely ambiance that’s simply perfect for a wedding. We offer a log tea light holder that will add a lot of beauty to your decor.

Table Numbers

wedding table numbers

Another area where wood slices work well is table numbers made as wooden log centerpieces. They are practical and attractive—and once again, they offer a lot of room for variety.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Wedding Cake Display

Wedding Cake Stand Photo Credit: Inside Wedding

Photo Credit: insideweddings.com

Whether you use a thick wooden slab or a thinner one, they make wonderful displays for the wedding cake. Your once-in-a-lifetime cake deserves a beautiful platform, and a wooden slab wedding cake stand will truly make it stand out in a memorable way.

Calling all party planners and event coordinators, while you’re in search of the perfect wood wedding decorations, we’re also offering the CV Linens Rewards program for our loyal customers. You can join us to enjoy great deals and earn points. 

If you’re currently planning your wedding and considering decorating with wood accents like slabs and logs, hopefully, this list has given you some inspiration. At CV Linens, we offer a variety of wood pieces in various thicknesses and sizes. Take a look and good luck!

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10 Ways to Use Wood Slabs in Your Wedding Decor


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