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New Arrival: Event Lighting

We have new additions this week that will truly LIGHT up your event and make it shine. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve already had a sneak peek because we launched our new Event Lighting! Step away from ordinary events and really enhance your décor with our new line.

Here’s the rundown on what we offer and just a few of the ways you can make the most of these products at your next event!

Event SpotlightingEvent SpotlightingEvent Spotlighting

Event Spotlighting


Spotlights are a staple of event lighting! They’re perfect for setting the atmosphere of your event and creating gorgeous uplighting for walls, tablecloths, centerpieces, cakes, and any other décor you want to highlight and show off. We currently offer a 12 White LED Wall Wash, 4 White LED Spotlight, and 16 RGB LED Spotlight. White LED products will only shine a true LED white when turned on; RGB products can illuminate six different colors (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and purple.) Each spotlight is compact to ensure the focus stays on your decor and features a tilt-swivel stand to allow the angle of the light to be adjusted. Best of all, the initial battery set is included and lasts around eight hours without heating up! View all of our Spotlights here.


Event SpotlightEvent SpotlightEvent SpotlightEvent Spotlight


Centerpiece LED lighting is perfect for taking a good centerpiece and making it unforgettable! Each unit is powerful enough to illuminate an array of centerpieces and looks amazing when reflected in glass. All three models are wireless, reusable, self-powered (batteries included), and small enough to cast a powerful radiance without distracting from your decor.  Don’t let the category fool you, though, as the Centerpiece Event Lighting can also be used as uplighting underneath a tablecloth, wrapped around a bouquet, and used underneath charger plates! View our entire centerpiece lighting line here.

SUBMERSIBLE LED FLORALYTE 10/PK - White  SUBMERSIBLE LED FLORALYTE 10/PK - White Submersible LED Floralyte Example Submersible LED Floralyte Example


Submersible LEDs

Submersible LED event lighting is the newest trend for enhancing wedding and event lighting! Our Submersible LEDs are the perfect accent lighting for your table decor; they’re powerful enough to illuminate floral arrangements, design props, table settings, ice sculptures, and can even be used as a candle replacement for votives to ensure your event stays safe. As you may have guessed, the submersible LEDs can be placed in water and remain completely functional! Each unit is wireless, reusable, self-powered (batteries included), and small enough to cast a powerful radiance without distracting from your decor. We currently have three different Submersible LED lines including Floralytes (Amber, Blue, White, Purple, Pink, Green-Teal, Red, RGB), Floralyte II (White), and the Sumix 9 RGB LED! View all of our Submersible LEDs here.


Event Lighting Example Event Lighting Example Event Lighting Example

Tea Lights

The perfect, must-have accent for any rustic, classic, or shabby chic wedding or event! Ensure your day stays extra safe while still having the gorgeous charm of tea lights with our LED Flicker Tea Lights. Each unit is wireless, reusable, self-powered (batteries included), and small enough to be placed in a votive if desired. Dress these tea lights up with adorned holders or dress them down by lining them along your wedding isle for a soft, ethereal look. The LED Tea Light Flickers contain an off/on switch and will beautifully provide an amber flicker to mimic a real flame throughout your occasion. Be sure to pair this with our Amber Submersible LED Floralytes to make all of the lighting around your event look truly magical!


Take a look at our Pinterest Event Lighting Inspiration Board to see some truly unique ways to use our LED Event Lighting! (Our personal favorites are the fairy jars.)


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