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9 Most Common Questions About Our Sequin Fabric


9 Questions Answered About Our Sequin Fabric Featured

Sequin fabric is perfect for any wedding decor theme. There are many ways that you can dress your wedding table. Despite the options, nothing quite achieves the glam and sparkle of sequins. They have the flash of glimmer and unique texture. It’s no wonder sequins are so popular with wedding planners and brides. They make any party space feel luxurious and festive. They also perfectly complement any type of venue. Romance is a surefire way to delight guests. However, sequin fabric does beg a few questions.

1. Are all sequin linens the same quality?

Not all sequin linen is made equal! Each is designed in a different way. Some variations are designed to save on costs. Others function more as an overlay versus a stand-alone tablecloth. When considering which sequin linens to purchase, it is important to look closely at the material’s coverage.

The thicker the overlay of sequins, the better the coverage achieved. Look closely at the sequins themselves. The surface sequins may be embroidered, glued, or printed on the fabric. Its backing may vary from opaque taffeta and sheer mesh. These features matter in the tablecloth’s ultimate quality. At CV Linens, you’ll only find the highest quality backing and stitching on sequin linens.

2. Why can’t you price match glitz sequin linens?

CV Linens standard glitz sequin fabric is sewn onto a high quality opaque taffeta backing. Meanwhile, our competitor’s use a mesh backing with less sequins. Thus, while these other linens may be cheaper, the quality is subpar. Due to these factors we are unable to price match in this regard.

3. Will sequin tablecloths scratch my guests?

Our design team does an amazing job of stitching our sequins closely together in a tight overlap. This reduces areas where sequins might stick up and catch against your guest’s skin or formal wear. Because of the quality detailing of our wholesale sequin fabric you can rest assured you are covering your tables in a high caliber linen.

4. How big are the sequins on your linens?

Our standard glitz sequins measure 3mm. An example of this size can be found on our Mermaid Scale Sequin 120″ Round Tablecloth – Gold. For a bigger impact, the sequins of our Large Payette Sequin 132" Tablecloths measure a bold 18mm.

5. Do I need a linen underneath your glitz sequin tablecloths?

No, our glitz sequin table linens are nice and thick. Because of their density they will not show your table top surface or table legs.

6. Are your glitz sequin linens finished on the ends?

Yes, depending on the linen type it may be a serged or hemmed edge. Your design needs can determine which style works best for you.

7. Is it easy to cut your glitz sequin linens to be shorter?

Yes, our sequin linens are easy to cut to size. We recommend using fabric scissors or a rotary cutter for the best cut. Afterwards, pick out any pieces of sequins that may have gotten cut by the blade. Once the material is cut, the fabric will need to be serged or hemmed to keep the edges from fraying.

Looking to create your own DIY wedding decor or fashion piece? Our glitz sequin fabric can be bought by the yard.

8. What are the best launder and care instructions for glitz sequins?

Our cleaning instructions are straightforward. Sparingly spot clean if necessary with cold water, then hang dry. Steam with medium heat, sequin-side down. We recommend you dry clean the glitz sequin fabric for the best results.

9. Are glitz sequin linens stretchy?

Our unique line of spandex glitz sequins are stretchy. This style is available as chair bands, cocktail table covers, banquet chair covers, as well as rectangular table covers.

As for as our standard taffeta-backed glitz sequin linens, this line does not stretch.


9 Questions Answered About Our Sequin Fabric Glam Autumn


Whether going for a bold approach like with our reversible two-tone tablecloth or are looking for a romantic classic, sequin fabric sets high standards. Once you have the basics figured out, play around with napkins, table runners, and chair covers!

As you dive into the rich and varied world of wedding planning and decor, CV Linens is here to help! Follow us on Pinterest or Instagram for tons of design tips and inspiration.

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