How To Decorate a Candelabra Centerpiece

One of the fun things about organizing an event, whether it's a wedding, birthday, or intimate dinner with family and friends, is setting up the tables. With candelabras, you can craft a setting that is both elegant and beautiful. They can create eye-catching focal points out of plain gathering tables.

This blog will explore tips on how to decorate a candelabra centerpiece. Find inspiration for candle centerpieces and presentation tips for your next event.

Choosing the Right Candelabra Centerpieces

Candelabras are available in a variety of styles and designs, from classic to modern and sleek. Select a candelabra that suits your event's overall theme and decor. For example, a candelabra with a contemporary design can be a perfect choice if you are planning a modern wedding.

The height, size, and how your candelabra complements the tables should be your next consideration. Banquet tables work best with tall centerpieces, while smaller candelabras are suitable for smaller tables.

Lastly, decide which candelabra material will best contribute to the aesthetic you want to achieve. Select from candelabras made of metal, crystal, glass, or acrylic.

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Preparing Your Candle Centerpiece

It is important to prepare your centerpieces ahead of time to make sure they look their best when decorated. Wipe the candelabra with a soft cloth to get rid of dust or dirt.

If your candelabra comes in separate pieces, carefully assemble it by following the directions provided by the manufacturer. Ensure everything fits snugly to avoid accidents while it is on display.

Additionally, give the candles on the candelabra some testing time if you plan on using them. Check if they are in good condition and that they fit the candle holders properly. With this measure, you will be able to purchase new ones if you need replacements.

Decorating Ideas for Candle Centerpieces for Tables

Achieve the perfect arrangement by adding different decorative pieces to your candelabra. Choose from these candle centerpiece ideas and take your tablescapes to the next level:


These are the most basic decorations you may add to your candelabras. Choose candles that will match your event theme and color scheme. Use white or ivory candles for a classic look, or add colorful candles to your arrangement for a pop of color.

Flowers and Greeneries

Your centerpiece will seem more beautiful if you add real or faux florals and greeneries. Select flowers that match your other table decor elements. Arrange the blooms and foliage so that they drape around the candelabra's base or arms.


Another option is to decorate your candelabra centerpiece with fabric or ribbons. Make use of glamorous and high-end materials such as satin, silk, or organza. Allow the fabric to cascade down the sides as you drape it around the arms or base of your candelabra.

Hanging Crystals or Beads

Create a stunning wedding centerpiece by decorating it with hanging crystals, beads, or garlands. Attach strands of glistening crystals or beads to the arms of the candelabra for a stunning effect. Make sure the crystals or beads go well with other table decors for a polished look.

Placement and Presentation

The key to a beautiful centerpiece is its placement on the table. Position it in the middle of the table to attract attention and act as a focal point. Ensure that the candelabra is placed firmly to avoid mishaps or wobbling throughout the event.

For an exquisite effect, arrange multiple centerpieces equally spaced apart if you are using a long banquet table. Keep in mind also how the other decor elements will complement your centerpiece. Make sure your tablecloths, table runners, napkins, and tableware are arranged to go well with the candelabra.

Always aim for a balanced and elegant table setup that will make your event memorable!

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