We Have Mermaid Scales and Payette Sequins!

We Have Mermaid Scales and Payette Sequins!

Mermaid Scales and Payette Sequins Featured

Sequin Fabric in Two New Styles

There’s nothing more magical than sequin fabric. This is why we are pleased to bring you even more sequin fabric options! We are pleased to bring you Mermaid Scale Sequins and Oversize Payette Sequin items.


sequin fabric NA-2-3-16-Mermaid

Mermaid Scales

Welcome our brand new Mermaid Sequin fabric! Our signature taffeta has sprouted beautiful sequin scales. The taffeta sequin fabric has stunning fan-shaped sequin fish scales. Perfect for adding a little mermaid touch to your wedding or special event decor. You can pair this beauty with uplighting or candlelight to accent the allure of sequins. Trust us Mermaid Scales Tablecloths will be the star of your wedding or special event decor. Polish off your decor by fully coordinating ever detail! We also carry Mermaid Scales Table Runners to bring your sequin fabrics full circle.

Every detail of our Mermaid Sequin items has been planned to be sure we have the most superior scale sequin fabric on the market! We scrutinized over every single color and sequin to be sure we have the most superior sequin fabric in the wedding linen industry!

sequin fabric payette sequins

Payette Sequins

Our second sequin linen has been a secret we’ve been dying to share! You may have seen come of our new Payette Sequin line on our blog. Payette Sequins are the oversized, hanging sequins you have spied on the dreamiest corners of the internet! These big, sparkling sequins are fantastic in our new line of drapes/backdrops, tablecloths, table runners, and table overlays. These sequins have the same high-end metallic shine of our other Glitz Sequin products, but with a twist! Each Sequin is attached from a single point which allow the sequins to flow organically. Your tablecloths and backdrops will flow effortlessly for draping over your special event furniture.


What Do You Think?

Let us know your plans for our new sequin fabric linens in the comment below! We can’t wait to see your creations.

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