New Year’s Eve Dessert Table

New Year’s Eve Dessert Table

black & white table runners new years

Incorporate Black & White Table Runners into Your New Year’s Decor

A well placed dessert table can be the star of your party decor. This week we are bringing you a stunning New Year’s Eve Themed Dessert Table!

Our first step was finding the perfect backdrop to ring in the new year! We used our Gold Glitz Sequin Drape/Backdrop (we carry glitz backdrops in 8ft H x 52″ W, 10ft H x 52″ W, 12ft H x 52″ W, 14ft H x 52″ W, or they can be custom ordered to the size you need) as a backdrop to set the scene for our New Year’s Bash. If you are interested in hanging your own drapes to use as a backdrop, we carry Pipe and Drape Sets and Accessories. Our cute-as-a-button dessert table started with covering our table with our Black Lamour Tablecloth to give it a soft sheen and provide a perfect canvas for decorating!

To bring attention to the front of the table, we layered Black & White Table Runners across the table to create an interesting striping across the front of the table. We alternated the stripes with two Glitz Sequin Table Runner in Gold. The table runners offer a gorgeous, glitzy and striped effect to showcase our treats.

The final detail to perfect this sparkling New Year’s Dessert Mock Up was incorporating a splash of red. We brought in a touch of red by using red food and beverages for that additional splash of color! Follow this recipe for success for a decor that can’t miss.


Wishing You a Happy and Safe New Year!

We hope you have enjoyed this week’s Mock Up! If you have a request for a Mock Up, please email us your request. Don’t forget to send us photos of your New Year’s Party decor! You can DM photos of your best work to Instagram.

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