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Meet Juliette: Q&A With One of Our Customer Care Specialists

CV Linens Specialist Spotlight: Juliette

Superior linens are not the only place we invest in quality! Our amazing, hand-picked staff is our greatest asset.

One of the forces that drives our team forward is our Customer Care Representative Juliette! If you have ever visited our flagship location in Austin, Texas, Juliette is the smiling face ready to guide your experience through our showroom. Her positive attitude is contagious and passion for assisting customers is unparalleled! We had a few questions for Juliette to get her perspective on the CV Linens life.


Good Morning, Juliette! Could you introduce yourself to our readers, please?

Juliette: My name is Juliette and I’m from Colombia. I am happily married, the mother of one handsome boy, and expecting a little angel! I always have a smile and positive attitude to make you feel at home.


Could you explain what you do here at CV Linens?

Juliette: I am a Customer Care Representative and I love my job! I am always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.


What is your life like outside of CV Linens?

Juliette: I love spending time with my family, photography, and dancing. I love my culture and being bilingual. I love photography because I can capture the best moments passing in front of my eyes. A photo can speak any language!


What is your favorite part about working at CV Linens? About being in the showroom?

Juliette: I love to help our customers make their special days unforgettable! Giving them options that they could have for their event and showing them how our linens go together brings me joy. I also give them the correct information about sizes, prices, and materials so they have everything they need for a perfect event without the stress.


What are your Top 5 Favorite Products from CV Linens?



  1. Vintage Veil Embroidery 90″x90″ Square Table Overlay Topper – Champagne
  2. Ribbon Embroidery w/Sequin 72″x72″ Square Table Topper Overlay – Blush
  3. Wedding Rosette Satin 132″ Round Tablecloth – Fuchsia
  4. Large Payette Sequin Tablecloth – Champagne
  5. Flower on Sequin Taffeta Tablecloth – White


If you were designing your dream party with items from CV Linens, what would it be like?


Juliette: I would design a big church wedding with Vintage Veil Overlays and Blush products!


Thank you Juliette; you light up our lives!


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