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What is a Chiavari Chair?

chiavari chair

One of the most important aspects of a wedding or event is seating! Even if you don’t immediately notice the chairs, your wedding photos will commemorate them in all of their glory. The face of wedding seating has been evolving into alternative options. Options such as hay bales and outdoor benches have gained popularity, still the most common event seating remains folding or banquet chairs.


Material Spotlight: Chiavari Chair 

Folding and banquet chairs aren’t the best fit for every event! For those seeking a more elegant seating solution there will always be the stylish option of the Chiavari Chair.


Few realize these chic pieces of furniture have been in business for a long time. The Chiavari Chair have been considered the gold standard of event seating for years! Since its inception in Italy in 1807, Chiavari Chairs with their slotted backs and cushioned seats have been the height of fashion for events. The lightweight and stackable design make them easy to transport and set up for any special occasion. Chiavari Chairs are made of wood, can be painted or bare, while newer incarnates of the chair have been made of materials such as tempered plastic or acrylic!


Chiavari Chairs can be versatilely decorated without distracting from their natural beauty. The slots on the back of the chair make interesting features for sash tying. The chair backs also are perfect for use with chair bands, or chair caps. CV Linens also carries a specialty line of Chair Back Covers specifically made for Chiavari Chairs. Our Chair Back Covers are made of luxurious fabrics that enhance the appearance of Chiavari Chairs. The chair back covers tie into your wedding or event theme, without overpowering or hiding your chairs the way traditional chair covers may.


CV Linens carries numerous Chiavari Chair Back covers in several fabrics. Try Glitz Sequin, Ruffled Sheer Organza, Satin Rosette, Spandex, and Vintage Veil Chiavari Chair Full Back Cover for your special day!


Let the understated beauty of the Chiavari Chair dressed in CV Linens be part of your special day!

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