Folding Spandex Chair Cover

Give your event folding chairs a sleek and elevated look with Folding Spandex Chair Covers from CV Linens.

Guest seating is a vital component of any special event. From a wedding ceremony to a banquet feast, chairs have a big impact on guest impression as well as presentation. Chairs hold the power to enhance your overall event decor and theme. Even the most simple or bland folding chairs can be easily transformed to coordinate with your color or play up the luxury of your event with spandex folding chair covers. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider adding stretch chair slipcovers to your next event.

Why Choose Spandex Chair Covers?

Features, Benefits & Attributes:

  • Our Folding Spandex Chair Covers are easy to use, wrinkle-free, and available in popular color choices.
  • Made of 90% polyester and 10% lycra spandex, with a 200 GSM, these spandex folding chair covers have exceptional elasticity. This allows for easy setup as these stretch chair covers simply slide right over your event folding chairs to form a contoured fit.
  • A built-in elastic band wraps around the chair seat bottom to prevent the cover from slipping off, which creates a sleeker look.
  • Each chair cover is additionally equipped with four reinforced pockets that hold the chair feet securely in place, perfect for outdoor events where wind might factor in.
  • Spandex is the perfect easy-care material as it does not require ironing or steaming. This wrinkle-free material is ideal for reuse that can easily be washed in your washing machine in cool water and dried on low-medium tumble.
  • Our spandex chair coverings fit three styles of folding chairs, making it a versatile staple for all of your party planning and decorating needs!

Available in Popular Color Choices

Adding stretchy chair covers to your folding chairs in your event color theme can help to create that "wow" factor for your event. Our chair slip covers for folding chairs come in a delightful range of popular and versatile color options. Choose from Black, Royal Blue, Champagne, Ivory, Red, Burgundy, Silver, Chocolate Brown, or White spandex chair covers for weddings.

White spandex stretch folding chair covers have reigned consistently as the most popular color choice for weddings and coordinate with everything to create a color palette right out of the pages of your dream wedding scrapbook, but these covers are ideal for any event type.

Spandex Chair Cover FAQ

Do chair covers fit all chairs?

A: No, these party chair covers are designed specifically to fit metal, samsonite folding chairs, and resin folding chairs. Spandex folding chair covers are not designed to fit other chair types because each chair has a different and distinct shape and the spandex can only stretch so far.

Can spandex banquet chair covers fit folding chairs?

A: Covers may fit banquet chairs, but because they are designed for different chair types, the fit will not be ideal. Plan your event seating accordingly with our special guide on How to Choose Chair Covers for Your Special Event.

How do you put on stretchy chair covers?

A: Putting spandex chair covers on party chairs is frustration-free and makes the perfect material for those who are short on time, dislike pre-party prep, or might be new to party planning. Simply slide over the chair, place chair legs into leg pockets, and accessorize as desired.

How do you fold a spandex chair cover?

A: Folding chair covers is easy. Follow our handy step-by-step guide to learn How to Fold and Store Chair Covers After Your Event.

Decor Inspiration & Style Tips

When planning a party or any special event, the first thing you might find out is that there is no such thing as a "small" detail. Every angle is important. While the person sitting down might not notice a whimsical chair sash or glittering brooch, the person across or behind them will certainly take notice. Our spandex chair covers for folding chairs are designed to look elegant all on their own, but with a few small upgrades, you can take your seating arrangement from minimalist-chic to thoughtful and glam.

Transform unsightly folding chairs with the help of chair sashes, sash clips, and buckles. Using a linen chair sash is a quick way to create a tailored look to match your event theme and there are endless chair sash bow configurations. Pairing your chair covers with chair sashes imparts a refined look and both sashes and bands provide a pop of color or opportunity to boast your color theme in uniform accord.

Looking for more easy to use spandex linens? Check out our banquet spandex chair covers and, stretch spandex table covers!

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